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Collect photos from friends and family to create a personalized memorial photo album and a memorial slideshow of a loved one.

Collage of older man with family members.
Shared Albums are the Best Way to Collect and Share Memorial Photos & Videos with a Group

With easy uploads from any device, unlimited secure storage, the ability to moderate content, customizable slideshows, and complete control over who has access, Shared Albums are perfect for every occasion. And, they're 100% FREE!

Create Touching Memorial Photo Albums & Slideshows
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Photos of woman at wedding, with grandchild, and with husband as senior.
Collect Photos of a Loved One

Preserve precious memories

Create a Shared Album to capture and preserve meaningful memories of a loved one. Invite friends and family to upload their favorite photos with one simple link and share the online memorial photo album with everyone after it's complete.

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Memorial Slideshow Image of older man and young woman.
Create a Memorial Slideshow

Commemorate a loved one's life

Use the photos from your Shared Album to easily create a memorial slideshow for a moving funeral photo display or Celebration of Life tribute video. Add background music and photo captions for a touching and personalized memorial slideshow.

Woman hugging aging parent who is sitting in wheelchair.
Protect Your Privacy

Control who has access

Learn how to create a funeral slideshow, securely, with Shared Albums. You control who can view or upload photos and videos: either let others outside of your immediate circle upload and view photos, or limit contributors to only those that you invite.

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