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Collect, store, and showcase memories from your adventures with all of your travel companions.

Shared Albums are the Best Way to Collect and Share Travel Photos & Videos with a Group

With easy uploads from any device, unlimited secure storage, the ability to moderate content, customizable slideshows, and complete control over who has access, Shared Albums are perfect for every occasion. And, they're 100% FREE!

The Best Way to Share Vacation Photos and Videos
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Collect Travel Photos from a Group

Capture the unforgettable moments

Whether you're traveling with a partner or a large group, Shared Albums make it easy to collect and share photos and videos. As the album owner, you can choose whether to display contents immediately, or review & approve them first.

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Create Multiple Shared Albums

Make a separate Shared Album for each vacation

Within your Shared Albums account, you can create multiple albums, each with a separate group of contributors. Your "Girls Weekend in Vegas" is managed separately from your "Disney Family Cruise" and you can share or limit access to each one.

Enjoy Unlimited Storage

We don't place limits on your memories

Shared Albums offer UNLIMITED storage for your photos and videos. Create a new album for each of your travel adventures. Securely store ALL your photos and videos. Share them only with the people you choose!

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