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How to create a group video in 4 easy steps.
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step 1
Set Up Your Group Video & Send Invitations

Sign-up with Memento and start a new group video for the special event that you're celebrating. Add a photo, set a due date, and get a link to the invitation. Send the Record & Upload link via email, text, or messaging app.

Step 2
Collect Video Clips

Anyone who receives your invitation link can record a video clip using a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. You’ll get an email notification when new video clips are received.

step 3
Customize Your Group Video

To activate all available features, "unlock" your group video with a one-time payment. Then, you can drag and drop the video clips into your preferred order & trim them as required. Select colors, choose music, and add a brief message for the beginning and end. Finally, click to create your group video.

Step 4
Share & Surprise
Someone Special!

Within minutes, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to your completed group video. Click the link to show it to someone special or download it as a keepsake.


Frequently asked questions

We strive to make it as easy as possible to create a group video with Memento. Here are the answers to some of your most common questions! 

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Can't find the answer you're looking for? Check out our extensive Support documents. Still stuck? Get in touch with us at help@memento.com. We respond to your questions 7 days a week, even on holidays.👌

How long does it take to make a group video?
  • Setting up your group video: About 1 minute
  • Recording/submitting a video clip: About 1 to 3 minutes
  • Receiving all video clips: Depends on how quickly invitees respond. We find that most organizers give submitters up to 7 days
  • Group video creation: About 2x total submitted video clip duration (e.g. 10-minutes of video clips will take about 20 minutes to become a ready-to-share group video)
How long can my group video video be?

Once unlocked, your group video can contain as many video clips as you need and up to 60 minutes of content. As a best practice, we find that the most entertaining individual video clips are usually between 10 and 60 seconds in length. Only in exceptional cases should participants speak for longer than a few minutes.

How do I invite people to record a video clip?

When you create your group video, you are given a unique Record & Upload link. You invite your friends to join your group video by sending them that unique link using any of your preferred messaging platforms (e-mail, SMS, Facebook, etc.). Spread the word in whatever way works best for you!

How do invitees record their video clips?

When your invited contributors click on the link that you send to them, they'll reach your Record & Submit Page. There, they'll see a description of your group video (including a photo if you've uploaded one). They can then click to either record a video clip using a webcam or mobile phone or submit a previously recorded video clip on the same page. Invitees don't need to register or install an app to submit their video clips. The process is fun and takes just a few moments!

Who gets to see my group video? Is it public?

Both the individual video clips and the final group video are private by default. When it comes to sharing, you are in total control.

During the video clip collection process, you may choose to make your favorite recorded video clips visible on the recording page as inspiration to others. When the final group video is ready, you are given a unique viewing link to share with the intended recipient and, at your discretion, with others who are interested in watching.

If you're interested in sharing your group video publicly, we are always looking for additional content for our website and social media channels. To share your content with Memento, please Contact Us.

Can I download my group video?

Yes, if you've created a paid for a group video, you may share it via the link provided and you may also download it as an MP4 video file. Each of the submitted video clips can also be watched online or downloaded.

What is the difference between the free preview and paid group video options?

We offer a free version for you to preview the service in the "try before you buy" spirit. Each group video starts for free, in preview mode, and can be unlocked at any time with payment via credit card (processed securely by Stripe).

For contributors who are recording video clips, there is no difference between a free and unlocked group video. They can record as many video clips as they wish.

In the free preview mode, you're shown thumbnail images of all of the video clips that have been submitted, but you may only watch the first 3 videos. In the unlocked mode, you can watch all of the video clips.

In the free preview mode, you can create a group video with only the first 3 video clips. In the unlocked mode, you can have up to 60 minutes of video clips.

In the free preview mode, you can watch the group video online, but you won't be able to download it unless you've paid to unlock.

Is payment one-time or a subscription?

Paying for a group video is like buying a greeting card. You purchase a group video for each special occasion or celebration. Each payment is a one time fee, non-recurring/not a subscription.