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A group video is the perfect gift or digital keepsake for all of your celebrations.

Our easy-to-use platform enables you to request, collect, and organize video clips to create personalized and meaningful group videos.

Share a surprise video gift for Christmas. Record Mother’s Day or Father’s Day greetings, send Happy New Year wishes, or make the perfect keepsake for loved ones near and far. When it comes to holidays, the possibilities are endless!

How Holiday Memories Are Made

Here are some of the ways that Memento has helped create meaningful connections to celebrate all kinds of Holidays.

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Watch the Merry Christmas Video
Merry Christmas Video

One of the most memorable Christmas gifts you'll ever give!

Ready to create the perfect gift for someone special? Looking to send Season's Greetings to your team, your customers, or your community? Start a Christmas Video today. Record and share your holiday messages of thanks, of joy, and of love.

Watch the the Christmas Thank You Video
Christmas Thank You

A heartfelt Thank You to a special Teacher.

Send a warm message of thanks and holiday greetings to a Teacher who has made a difference in your child's life this year. Get parents and students involved for the most impact!

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A collage of the people who appear in ZeroCater's Happy Holidays group video
Watch the ZeroCater Video
Virtual Holiday Party

SanFrancisco-based ZeroCater wanted to find a way to celebrate the Holiday Season with their full remote team!

While at home with their families and pets, the team recorded fun, festive best wishes video clips to their teammates and created a Virtual Holiday Party group video with Memento.

Watch the Happy Father's Day Video
Father's Day Videos

Surprise Dad or Grandpa on Father's Day!

Take a look at Howard's Father's Day video - a loving tribute organized by his wife and starring children & grandchildren.

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Watch the Video
Happy Grandparents Day

Sending love and appreciation to Grandparents.

Gather best wishes from children, grandchildren, and more tocelebrate Grandparents Day with a group video!

Watch the Video
Mother's Day Video

Sending Happy 1st Mother's Day wishes to a New Mom!

Take a look at this special Mother's Day video for Erin, a new Mom, with heartfelt messages from her loved ones.

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Collage of people who appear in Rosh Hashanah greeting video
Watch the Shana Tovah Video
New Year's Celebrations

Every Fall, the Jewish community celebrates Rosh Hashanah - the first of the High Holy Days.

One of the highlights of Rosh Hashanah service is being able to see each other and offer a personal “Shana Tovah!” (Happy New Year) greeting. Rabbi Sarit Horwitz and her team at Beth Sholom Synagogue (Memphis, Tennessee) encouraged congregants to share Shana Tovah messages in a group video that was played at the close of services. Congregants really enjoyed being able to ‘see’ one another on screen - and the video could be shared with congregants and played over and over! Here’s a sample of their video.

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Outstanding product, easily used by video contributors, great value and, most importantly, tremendous impact on my 97 year old mother who hasn’t seen some family members for over a year! Can't recommend highly enough! Thank you for this!

Kelly Meyer-Fischer

Thanks for the opportunity to share our favorite Christmas moments and traditions with my mom! This is the first year ever that the whole family won’t be gathering at her house so it was so nice to share these special videos with her and give her something that she can watch over and over again. So easy to use and to get the final result within minutes is amazing.

Kelly Meyer-Fischer
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