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40th Birthday Video Message Ideas

Not sure what to say in a 40th birthday video? Check out these 40th birthday video ideas and video message suggestions for an unforgettable gift.

40th Birthday Video Message Ideas

40th Birthday Video Gifts

Four decades, 480 months, or 14,610 days. No matter how you track the passage of time, a 40th birthday is a big deal! 


Mark this important milestone and make the birthday boy or girl feel special with heartfelt video messages from loved ones. Memento’s video gift maker lets you easily invite people to participate, combine and edit all the video clips, and make a personalized birthday video the recipient will never forget. 

Ready to get started? Let’s take a look at some 40th birthday video ideas and video message suggestions for a unique and memorable gift. 

Birth Year Fun Facts

Take the birthday boy or girl back, WAY back, with interesting tidbits about things that happened in the year they were born. There are plenty of websites out there that provide facts about entertainment, products, and other news-worthy occurrences from different years, and even some sites that have facts about the actual day the recipient was born. 

The recipient will enjoy getting a glimpse at the world way back when and reminiscing about the good old days that helped shape their childhood. Intrigued? Here’s an example of a 40th birthday video message filled with fun facts from 1982:

  • The top grossing movie in 1982 was ET: The Extra-Terrestrial.
  • The popular video game Ms. Pac-man was introduced in 1982. 
  • Michael Jackson released Thriller, which sold more than 25 million copies and is still the biggest-selling album in history.
  • Cats opened on Broadway, eventually becoming Broadway's longest-running play.
  • Time Magazine named The Computer as their Person of the Year.
  • Cal Ripken, Jr. played the first game of what will eventually become his historic consecutive games played streak of 2,632.
  • The top-rated TV shows in 1982 were 60 Minutes, Dallas, M*A*S*H, and Magnum, P.I.
  • CD players were introduced, costing upwards of $1,000.
  • Gas cost $1.31 a gallon.
  • And the best thing that happened in 1982: You were born! Happy Birthday!

Remember When?

With 40 years under their belt, the birthday boy or girl is sure to have plenty of good times to look back on. Create a group video that helps capture these special moments! 

Encourage each participant to start their video clip with “Remember when…” and have them recall one of their favorite memories with the recipient and share why they appreciate that moment so much. Whether it’s heartfelt or hilarious, the recipient will love to travel down memory lane with family and friends


Take some time to reflect on everything the recipient has accomplished, big and small. The achievements can be serious (winning a big soccer championship, graduating from college, getting married, welcoming a child), or they can be humorous (winning the 3rd grade spelling bee or coming in last place at an annual fishing derby). If you have pictures that accompany any of these accomplishments, be sure to show them off when you record your video message.

No matter what you choose to say in your video message, be sure to tell the recipient how proud you are of all that they’ve done in the last 40 years.  

40th Birthday Messages & Quotes

Incorporate quotes into your video message as a starting point for what you want to say to the birthday boy or girl. Here are a few quotes you can use for inspiration: 

  • “Turning 40 is a piece of cake and a few extra candles.” 
  • “You’re just as good looking as two 20-year-olds.” 
  • “Welcome to 40, an age when you’re still young at heart, but other body parts are starting to falter.”
  • “Best wishes on your 40th birthday. I’m so proud to have you as a friend… even if you are old.”
  • “Congratulations to your 21 years (with 19 years of experience). Happy 40th Birthday!”
  • “The first 40 years of childhood are always the hardest.”
  • “40 is when your body gives your brain a list of things it’s not going to do anymore.”
  • “No matter how hard it is to get out of bed, let 40 be the year you conquer it all.”
  • “Life begins at 40.”—Walter Pitkin
  • “FORTY – Flirty, Optimistic, Risky, Teasing and Youthful.”
  • “I hate to call you the F word, but… you’re forty! Happy Birthday!”
  • “You know you are forty when you stop using Facebook to socialize and start using it to spy on your kids.”
  • “You are definitely forty if you notice that all your sentences start from ‘When I was younger…’.”

Create a meaningful 40th birthday video and personalized digital keepsake with Memento’s video gift maker. Show a loved one how much you care with these video message ideas and make a Happy Birthday video today!