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Free Photo Sharing for the Holiday Season

Headed to a holiday party or event? Collect photos from family and friends then share them afterward with a Shared Album on Memento, an easy-to-use photo sharing website free of cost.

Free Photo Sharing for the Holiday Season

Shared Albums: Free Photo Sharing for the Holidays 


Cookie exchanges, office parties, school concerts, and tree lightings. There’s no doubt the holiday season is jam-packed with events. While it can be hard to balance it all, this is a magical time of year when people gather to create lasting memories. 

Because these precious moments of togetherness are fleeting, it’s important to make an effort to capture and preserve them through photos. Luckily, Shared Albums on Memento offers an easy way to collect photos and videos from a group and share them after the event. While there are tons of free photo sharing websites out there, Memento’s best-in-class platform is the photo sharing solution for all of your holiday events. 

Not convinced? Check out a few features Shared Albums offer.

  • Works on Any Device: Contributors can view and upload photos and videos from their tablets, computers, or phones (even Grandma’s!).
  • Unlimited Storage: Gather as many photos and videos as you like. 
  • Review & Approve: Choose to moderate the photos you receive before they appear in the Shared Album.
  • Customizable Slideshows: Share your photos and videos in real time at your event as they are added or share the slideshow with others after the event is over.
  • Privacy: Your photos are only available to the people you choose.
  • High Resolution: Download all files in their original, full resolution and quality.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at a few instances where you can use Shared Albums this holiday season. 

10 Reasons to Create a Shared Album This Holiday Season

Use Shared Albums for all of your holiday happenings!

1. Family Gathering

Don’t miss the moment when your niece unwraps the top gift on her wish list, when Uncle Murray lights the menorah, or when Aunt Debbie gives her annual heartfelt toast at Christmas dinner. Capture and upload photos and videos of these moments so everyone can relive them.

2. Friend Party

Get a pic of that Ugly Sweater contest winner, the recipient of the worst White Elephant gift, or everyone’s gingerbread house creations. No matter what type of party you attend, be sure to snap, film, upload, and share. 

3. Workplace Party

Whether it’s a happy hour, potluck, or big, fancy soirée, invite your colleagues to upload their photos with one simple link. Bonus: Shared Albums give you the option to review pictures before they appear in your album so you can ensure that they’re suitable for work.

4. School Event

Capture moments from Ms. Martin’s class play, the 5th grade holiday concert, or the high school basketball team’s fundraising dinner. Share the pictures and videos with parents who weren’t able to attend so they can experience the event, too!

5. Holiday Outing

Going on a magical North Pole train ride with friends and their kiddos? How about a wreath-making class with your gal pals? Collect all the photos from the day so you can easily look back on them fondly years from now. 

6. Weddings, Babies + Birthdays

Yes, people get married, have baby showers, and celebrate birthdays this time of year. Let guests capture the big and small moments from these celebrations and download your favorite photos at their original resolution afterwards.

7. Big Trips

Going somewhere special over the holidays with friends or family? Whether you plan to hit the slopes in Vail, sunbathe on a beach in Bora Bora, or put on your mouse ears for a Disney vacation, know that there will be no more “Will you text me that photo?” when you create a Shared Album. 

8. Community Event

Get your friends and neighbors to share their photos from the city-wide house decorating contest, town caroling event, or local polar bear plunge to capture all the candid moments that otherwise might be missed.

9. Nonprofit Events

Whether you’re a volunteer, board member, or employee, easily contribute and collect photos from that toy drive, winter coat collection, or charity ball to show the impact your organization has on the community. 

10. Religious Gatherings

This time of year, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Eid al-Fitr often bring people together at their place of worship. Encourage members of your community to upload photos from these celebrations and festivities then share a slideshow of everyone’s photos after the event. 

Sharing photos during the holidays has never been easier. No matter what the occasion, use Shared Albums for a simple way to capture and share precious holiday moments.