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6 Gift Ideas for New Parents

A little one has been born! While we’re sure it’ll be appreciated if you buy adorable onesies and stuffed animals for the bundle of joy, remember that parents could use some love and attention too.

6 Gift Ideas for New Parents

Gifts for New Parents

Their beautiful new baby is here, and the little one’s parents couldn’t be happier or more excited! With new babies come new routines and those often include disrupted sleep and lots of unpredictability.  New parents can get easily overwhelmed and emotionally and physically drained. 

New mom baby and friend

With this in mind, it’s important to take some time to think about what new parents need most. Let’s take a look at a few thoughtful gift ideas that parents will truly appreciate!

Non-Baby Gifts for New Parents

After their arrival, new babies are often showered with gifts so our list of the Best Gifts for New Parents actually starts with… (you guessed it) gifts for the parents! 

  1. Food. Sleep-deprived parents might be so focused on feeding their baby that they forget to feed themselves! Make it easy for parents to tend to their own needs with these gift suggestions:
  • Take-out gift card. Hit up their favorite local restaurant before you visit and grab a gift card. If you’re not able to visit in person yet, go digital and include a gift card with one of Punchbowl’s New Baby ecards
  • Meal delivery service. A weekly meal kit can be a lifesaver. Meal kits help make dinner planning a little easier and may even eliminate a trip to the grocery store. That’s a couple of things off of a new parent’s mind.
  • Grocery delivery. No need for parents to run out to the store for milk and eggs when it can be delivered right to their door.
  • Snack basket. Fill a basket with easy-to-eat snacks that parents can nibble on throughout the day. Be sure to include tea or coffee! 
  1. A Helping Hand. Not all gifts need to be tangible. In fact, the gift of time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give. I remember one of my good friends saying, after she had a new baby, “Everyone comes over to sit and hold the baby while I get caught up on the household chores. I WANT TO SIT AND HOLD MY BABY, TOO!”  This is a perfect opportunity to truly give the new parents a break! Offer to rake the leaves, mow the lawn, vacuum, do the dishes, or load the laundry. Better yet, ask new parents for a honey-do list and recruit friends and family to help pitch in! Give the new parents time to relax, or even take a nap to catch up on some of that sleep deprivation. It might be the best gift they’ve received! 

Baby Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

Sometimes, the newborn isn’t the first baby in the family. Maybe the parents are super well equipped with all of the latest baby gadgets, clothes, and toys they’re going to need. So how do you recognize the birth of the 2nd or 3rd (or subsequent) children who are equally wonderful? 

  1. Personalized gifts. Engraved photo frames and albums or personalized blankets with the little one’s name and date of birth are meaningful gifts that help parents mark and preserve precious first moments. These gifts will allow parents to remember and reminisce for years to come. 
  1. Wish lists & gift registries. Are there any gifts left over from a wish list that weren’t purchased for the baby shower? Remember: gift registries include items that parents actually need and want, so checking these lists before buying a gift is a no-brainer!

Best Baby Gifts for New Moms

parents with little girl
  1. A Hug. Seriously, sometimes a new parent just needs a shoulder to rest their head on, or to cry on, and to hear someone telling that they’re doing a great job and they’re going to get through this. 
  2. Video Keepsake. You might also call it a virtual group hug! Another thoughtful gift for new parents is a group video that offers words of wisdom and support from friends, family, and colleagues. Simply ask loved ones to share their congrats, encouragement, and advice for the new parents in a short video clip and easily create a heartfelt group video that parents will cherish - and that they can play for baby years down the road! 

Welcoming a little one into the world is a big deal. Keep in mind that parents could use a little TLC and--gift or no gift--any support you offer them will be greatly appreciated!