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6 Unique Ways to Package Your Video Gift

Beyond sharing your group video via email, text, or social media, how can you gift your group video? Turn videos into a gift that is truly memorable with these unique ways to package video gifts.

6 Unique Ways to Package Your Video Gift

Guide to Creative Gift Video Packaging 

Congrats! You’ve gathered video clips from family and friends to create a thoughtful video gift message the recipient will cherish for years to come. Next on your to-do list: sending the video gift to your loved one. If you’d rather not email or text the video to them, there are other ways to gift your group video.

Let’s take a look at how packaging can create personalized video gifts and a few unique ways you can gift your group video.  

Personalized Ways to Gift Your Group Video

Gift your group video with these personalized ideas the recipient will love. 

1. Surprise Screening. Surprise your recipient by playing the video for them during a party or family gathering. Many of the guests who also contributed a video clip will be able to witness the joy that the video brings when celebrating a milestone birthday, retirement, graduation, new baby, and more!

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2. Customized USB Drive. If you choose to download and save your group video to a memory stick, the possibilities for personalization are endless! Nowadays, you can order flash drives with a short message written on them, an important date, or a favorite picture. They even make USB drives that look like your favorite childhood snacks, movie characters, or emojis! Whatever type of flash drive you chose, be sure to order it well in advance to ensure that it arrives in time.  

3. Personalized DVD. If you transfer your video to a DVD, you can order customized cases online or personalize the DVD yourself. For DIY customization, simply buy blank DVD stickers and print a photo of your loved one on it or add a sweet message. Alternatively, you can purchase a DVD case and customize the case cover exactly how you want to! 

Package Ideas for the Best Group Video Maker

If you download your video gift and store it on a USB drive you can put your video in a box for gifting purposes. Here are a few ways to use video boxes for your group video gift. 

Upcycled Box. Have an empty box of matches at home? Or a tin that used to hold breath mints or Band-Aids? Repurpose them as tiny gift boxes for your video gift! Cover them in colorful washi tape and pop the USB drive inside along with a little note for the recipient.   

small trinket box

Craft Box. Visit your local craft store for small wooden boxes that will fit a USB drive and can be painted and personalized to your liking. Most craft stores have tiny trinket boxes, jewelry boxes, and even treasure chests! If you have kids, this is a great opportunity to get them involved with decorating the boxes with stickers, craft gems, or markers.

Seed Box. Looking for an eco-friendly gift box? Stick that USB drive in a biodegradable seed box that can be planted! Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint but these boxes embedded with seeds will result in beautiful flowers the recipient will love.


Whether it’s for a retirement, birthday, or holiday video, we hope these packaging ideas are helpful for your video gift. Remember that no matter how your group video is packaged, the recipient will appreciate the time, effort, and love you put into their video gift!