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8 Ways to Use Group Videos at Work

It seems the only constant these days is change. This is particularly true when it comes to the workplace, where there’s always a new project to complete, promotion to recognize, retirement to celebrate, or new hire to welcome.

8 Ways to Use Group Videos at Work

One of the biggest changes in the workplace lately has been the substantial shift toward remote or hybrid work, which can present new challenges for companies. A remote workplace means that employees often have limited face-to-face interactions with their coworkers, and rely heavily on electronic communications. While remote working has many benefits, some team members will miss social interactions like watercooler chit-chat and personal office tours for new hires.

Group Videos at Work

Group videos can present a valuable solution to the challenges companies face with remote and hybrid work. Let’s take a look at some effective, time-saving ways to easily manage celebratory events and bring a personal touch to hiring, promotions, retirement, and more.

1. Corporate Videos for Recruitment

In order to attract talent, it’s important to show candidates what your company can offer--not just in terms of the job itself but through your company culture, vision, and employees. A Group Video targeted at Recruitment, where key employees appear in the video clips, can help put a human face to your company; it also lets candidates see the genuine care and pride you have for your employees and their jobs.

guy dancing in office

Not sure how to make a recruitment video? Here are some prompts and ideas to get you started:

  • What is your corporate culture and why is your company a great place to work? 
  • What kind of flexibility do you give employees? If you’re a family-oriented company that offers a good work-life balance, this is the perfect opportunity to let candidates know! Be sure to have your staff talk about their ability to make time for themselves and their families outside of the workplace.
  • Have your employees talk about why they like their jobs. A recruitment video that showcases positive employee engagement will help attract top candidates. Candidates will be able to see their potential future coworkers and will be drawn to your company and the passionate people it employs.

2. Team Introduction Video Ideas

Once you’ve made your hire, it’s time for a virtual office tour. In the old days, an employee would welcome a new hire in the lobby, walk them around the office, and stop at each doorway or cubicle for brief introductions from coworkers. These days, as more businesses choose remote work and flexible schedules, it’s unlikely that everyone will be in one building at the same time. In fact, a new employee might not be in the same city as you, or even the same country or continent!

Instead of a physical office tour, send your new employee on a virtual one with a welcome video of staff introducing themselves. Have each staff member talk about what they do and share a little about their hobbies or other interests. A welcome video is an ideal way for a new employee to not only put a face and job title to a name, but also a personality. And it can be useful for new employees to refer back to when they inevitably forget someone’s name or job title!

Here at Memento, we recently became part of the Sincere family. The Sincere team used our platform to make a Group Video that included a video clip from every Sincere team member. They shared a bit about what they do at Sincere, and more importantly, a bit about who they are as individuals: the Baker; the Little League Coach; the new Mom; the fan of Musical Theatre. It was a great icebreaker and an opportunity to find out what we have in common with each other before we began to work together! 

3. Employee Onboarding Videos

Remote employee saying hello

Employee onboarding videos are a great resource and time-saver. Videos can include greetings, company and department overviews, performance expectations, IT policies, and more. This type of orientation video enables you to virtually “walk” new employees through your organization, tell them what to expect in their first couple of weeks, and where to find policies and procedures.

4. Training Videos

A short training video that features employees walking through different company procedures or scenarios is an invaluable resource for new hires. Employee training can be more in-depth when video demonstrations are compiled in a handy reference file that can be played anywhere at any time. Additionally, training videos eliminate the need to coordinate schedules, set up a time to provide one-on-one training, and then review job basics. 

5. Employee Appreciation and Recognition

Celebrations are the core of Memento’s origin story, and there’s a reason for that. It’s incredibly meaningful when the people we know get together to personally wish us well or congratulate us on achievements. 

Remember, back in the day, when the “Employee of the Month” photo would be posted on the wall to recognize the outstanding contributions made by an individual in an organization? Today, we look for meaningful ways to show employees appreciation and recognition for a job well done. Group Videos provide an excellent opportunity for the Management team to recognize individual contributors or even to provide messages of thanks and appreciation to the entire team for a job well done, a project completed on time, or a significant company milestone. Heartfelt messages of thanks and congratulations from the management team go a long way towards building and maintaining team morale.

Promotions offer another excellent opportunity for companies to use Group Videos to celebrate and acknowledge an employee. New teammates can introduce themselves and welcome the promoted employee to their team, old teammates can send congratulations and well wishes, and upper management can pass on their best advice and leadership tips. A Group Video is the perfect way to show support and help employees in new roles start off on the right foot. 

6. “Suggestion Box” or “Town Hall” Videos

There are many ways to use Group Videos to incorporate employee engagement activities into your company’s internal operations. One way to do this is to let employees submit ideas via video for directions, initiatives, or projects that they think would be beneficial for the company. Another option is to encourage employees to submit questions to Human Resources or Upper Management. The organizer can then review the submissions, gather input and answers from the appropriate people, and record the responses in a final Group Video that is shared with the entire organization. Both of these video examples can help to improve communication and transparency.

7. Personal Celebrations - Birthdays, New Babies, Marriage

Although birthday cakes and Group Cards continue to be staples in office birthday parties, it’s difficult--or impossible--for remote coworkers or those working alternate hours to take part in these types of celebrations. Group Videos present a thoughtful way for all employees to asynchronously take part in company culture, community, and celebrations. Not only will employees be happy to be included in a Group Video, but recipients will greatly appreciate the heartfelt or funny wishes, advice, and good luck from their coworkers. Silly hats, songs, and outfits are encouraged! 

8. Retirement

Farewell parties and retirement gifts are special ways to celebrate your employee and demonstrate your appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done. A retirement video is another thoughtful way to show your appreciation and gratitude. Current and former coworkers of the retiree can contribute to the Group Video and share their favorite memories or reminisce about the good old days. This format also easily enables the organizer to invite colleagues and partners from outside of the organization - suppliers, previous retirees, family members, etc. to submit a video clip. A retirement video can be a beautiful keepsake of someone’s career that they can watch again years later. Be sure to check out our retirement video ideas to help get you started!

From recruiting to retirement, Group Videos can be a strong asset that make your company’s personality and culture shine. Not only can Group Videos serve as important resources for orientations and training, but they can also increase employee engagement and help make the office--remote or not--a friendlier and more welcoming place!