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What to Give Someone Who Has Everything!

Gifting is a challenge! Christmas gifting has even been described as a part-time job because finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be frustrating and time consuming. This is especially true when that special someone on your list can just buy whatever they want online and have it delivered to their home the next day! So, how do you find the perfect, unique gift for someone who has everything?

What to Give Someone Who Has Everything!

What Do You Get Someone Who Has Everything?

When you need the perfect gift for someone who has everything, why not try making one? Pick a creative theme that represents the recipient perfectly, and a Group Video can be a truly unique and invaluable gift experience. Here are some idea starters for creating the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who seemingly has everything! 

Group Videos for the Avid Reader


A virtual Best Book List!  Invite friends and family of your Book Enthusiast to record a video clip recommending their favorite must-read book. It could be a new best-seller, or the latest treasure they found at the library. They can share their impressions along with a note on why they think their book will be well loved. 

As a bonus, they could also be asked to gift a copy of the book they recommend. Present a beautifully gift-wrapped box of books to the recipient as they watch their group video. If you think it’s too many books to present all at once, turn it into a book-of-the-month club! Assign a month to each contributor, and your Book Lover will receive a gift of words each month throughout the year!

Group Video Gifts for Teachers

Looking back, most of us have an even greater appreciation for the contribution that our teachers have made in our lives.  It’s not often that we get the opportunity to share our appreciation!

If you’ve got a teacher in your life, a great idea to celebrate them is to have people contribute video clips about what they’ve learned, what lessons they took from the person’s teaching. A Group Video could serve as a memory book of the most important things that they taught their students.

A retiring teacher may want to look back on their career - hearing from past students might be a special treat! What did they go on to do in life? Are they in a field related to what the teacher taught or something completely different? 

Group Videos for the World’s Best Boss


Workplace satisfaction is often about being recognized - and often the boss gives far more accolades than they receive. If you’ve got a great manager, boss, or coworker - let them know how much you appreciate their hard work!

In professional relationships, it may be even more difficult than others to find a great personalized gift - that's why Memento is perfect. Get the rest of your workplace involved to send the boss a simple “thank you for being amazing” Group Video. You can talk about times they’ve helped, when they’ve come through for the team, when you’ve gone to them for advice, or simply how much they brighten the workplace with their enthusiasm, leadership, and positivity!

Group Videos for the Cook or Baker

Have someone on your gift list whose heart is in the kitchen? A Recipe Group Video might be the way to go!

Gift them a collection of favorite recipes in video format!  Have your invitees prepare short videos showing prep (with pre-portioned ingredients), each step of the recipe, and the final delicious result! The results can be submitted in a separate video clip and our platform will stitch them together seamlessly. A handful of contributors could go a long way towards planning a week’s worth of new meals or baked treats for them to try. Including a personalized, handwritten recipe book along with the group video would be the icing on the cake!

This also works perfectly for those who might need a little help in the kitchen! If your favorite college student has moved away from home for the first time, it might be the ideal moment to recruit the family to pass on the secret to some of their childhood faves. The ability to submit short videos of each step also means that you can educate them in simple cooking or baking techniques along the way! Best gift ever: send them a care package of the ready-to-eat treats that were prepared for the video. 

Group Video with a Cocktail?

Do you know a cocktail enthusiast? Someone itching to become an amateur mixologist, so they can really entertain their friends at parties? The mix doesn’t even need to include alcohol - the perfect Shirley Temple or virgin Margarita can be a lot of fun to make and serve to friends.

A Group Video full of people recommending or demonstrating how to mix their favorite cocktails or mixed drinks can be a lot of fun. Gift it along with a care package of cordials, garnishes, a martini shaker, or mini liquor bottles, and they’ll have all the components to experiment with and learn - and share with you, in future!

A Virtual Concert

Bring back the mixtape! If you’ve got a music lover in your life, a Group Video from Memento can help you create the perfect gift. Do they have a favorite song? A favorite musician or band? Or perhaps you want to remind your spouse of your first dance at your wedding?

A fun idea is to have your friends and family submit video clips singing a song together. Pick a pitch, if you can, and assign each a line, and then stitch it all together in order until the song is complete! If they don’t want to sing, perhaps they play their line on an instrument. (Great use for that recorder from elementary school!)  If they have a favorite band, have musically-inclined friends and family create a medley of greatest hits, and package the final product up with a pair of tickets to see them in concert.  

Group Videos for the Traveler

If you have a friend who loves to travel the world, you’re probably well aware of the friends they’ve made along the way. Many frequent travelers rely on social media and the internet to stay in touch with the people they meet on trips - because they may not be able to get back to visit again very often.  For this friend, a Group Video from all of their long-distance friends can be a real treat!

Or, maybe they have great ambition to meet new people in new places! Putting a call out to the world - either publicly or through those international friends - and asking people to submit video clips from as many different places as possible can really inspire.  Ask participants to send a brief message from their favorite local landmark - or what they think is a “must see” in their hometown or country. They can offer travel tips from the region, or show off the gorgeous scenery or their favorite hidden gem restaurant.

When the time comes for your traveling buddy to take their next trip, they’ll have several new destinations to add to their list!

Make it Your Own

There are many great ways to tailor a Group Video to fit the special interests of your loved ones and give them a unique and memorable gift! Hopefully our brief list sparked some of your own ideas too! Ready to give it a try? Create a Group Video. If you’ve used the Memento platform to make a special gift for someone in a unique way, send us a message at help@memento.com. We may share more ideas in an upcoming blog article and we’d love to include your story!