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How to Celebrate Halloween with Group Videos

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Check out these Halloween party ideas and gifts that use group videos for a guaranteed fun and festive time!

How to Celebrate Halloween with Group Videos

4 Group Video Ideas for Halloween Celebrations

If you’re not able to host a kids’ Halloween party this year, can’t Trick or Treat, or need costume party ideas for long-distance celebrations, look no further! Whether it’s for kids or coworkers, group videos ensure that everyone can participate and have fun when celebrating Halloween. 

1. Halloween Group Videos for Grandparents

We all know that Grandparents LOVE to see their grandchildren, especially during Halloween when they’re dressed up as little ghosts or goblins. If Grandma and Grandpa can’t see their favorite kiddos’ costumes in person this year, parents can send them a group video of all the grandkids dressed up so that no one misses out!  

little girl dressed for halloween

For each video clip, grandkids can tell their grandparents what they dressed up as, why they chose that costume, and then show off their attire by acting like the superhero, animal, or witch they dressed up as! This is also a perfect opportunity for kids to show off any pumpkins they carved, Halloween artwork, or spooky house decorations. And what grandparent wouldn’t love to hear a rowdy rendition of songs like “Who Loves Halloween?” or “Five Little Pumpkins”?

Once the video clips are combined into one final group video, parents can send their group video gift via email, text, or social media. Grandma and Grandpa will be so surprised and thrilled to hear “Happy Halloween” wishes from their grandkids and see all of them dressed up!

2. Group Videos for Costume Parades

If you can’t host a kids Halloween party in person this year, use a group video to organize a virtual costume parade or party for your classroom or neighborhood instead!


One of the best parts of Halloween for kids is dressing up. A group video costume parade lets kids show off thoughtful and creative Halloween costumes and have fun! Teachers and parents can use digital Halloween invitations to send participants a link inviting them to record a short video of their kiddo in costume. Parade organizers can customize their invite with a personalized message, parade guidelines, and even include a message board for questions. 


Students and children can dress up as their favorite TV, movie, or book character, or something spooky or silly. Parents should record a video clip of their child introducing themselves and explaining what their costume is. Next, get the kids marching (outside preferably, before dark!) so everyone can get a full view of the costumes in action. 

girl in dios dos muertos costume


Each video clip should be about 30 seconds total. Organizers can encourage families to play kid-friendly Halloween songs in the background while their kids march. Tunes like “Monster Mash,” "This Is Halloween," and “The Addams Family Theme” are great examples of fun and festive Halloween songs.


Organizers should submit a video clip too! Teachers and parents can also wear costumes and end the group video with a message that thanks everyone for their participation and wishes them a Happy Halloween. Once all of the video clips have been submitted and combined, the final group video can be shared so that everyone can see their costumed friends strut their stuff!

3. Group Videos for Costume Contests

Another fun idea for Halloween celebrations is a group video costume contest. Costume contests not only let you show off your costume, but they also let you invite long-distance friends and family that you might not normally celebrate Halloween with! 


To get started, organizers can send a link to the group video and contest guidelines with this cute, digital costume contest invitation. Let participants know that you, the organizer, will collect the video submissions and judge the costumes based on different categories. Categories can include: Best Overall Costume, Most Creative Costume, Best Homemade Costume, Scariest Costume, and Funniest Costume.


In addition to dressing up, participants can also decorate their backdrop and play background music to match their costume theme! Each video clip should be under one minute and include an introduction from the participant and an explanation and display of their costume and background.  


Once you’ve collected all the video clips and determined the contest winners, record a video message announcing the winners and include it at the very end of the group video. Email or text the final group video to everyone so they can see the wide array of fun and creative costumes!  


4. Halloween Group Videos for Work

Get into the spirit with your team, your customers, or your suppliers with a Halloween group video! 

coworkers in costumes

Messages from Management. Everyone loves to see the Boss loosen up and have a little fun - but you don't have to save all the excitement for the Holiday Party!  Get the entire management team onboard to dress up, decorate their spaces, and pre-record a message to the team for your fall team meeting. The organizer can easily arrange video clips so that videos are grouped together for a cohesive group message. And bonus points to the managers who have such great costumes that they're unrecognizable! 

Team Competition. If you work for a larger company, consider a competition between departments where every team member wears a costume that matches a theme chosen by their team. The contest organizer can easily arrange video clips so that team member videos are grouped together for a cohesive group video. To really get those creative juices flowing, pick a theme the entire company can base their costumes on, like “Literary Characters,” “Pun Costumes,” “90s Movies & TV Characters,” “Villain Costumes,” or “Which Decade Are You?”. 

Community Participation. Plan a Halloween party with your customers! If you have a brick and mortar location, let customers know ahead of time that you'll give a pumpkin to each family that comes into your business in costume. As they arrive to pick up their reward, have them record a brief Happy Halloween message to the children and families in your community that you can then showcase on your social media channels. It's a great way to get your customers involved in the celebration! 

However you're celebrating this year, a Halloween group video is a great way to get people involved in the fun!