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Eco-Friendly Products & Gift Ideas for Someone Special

Feel good about your gift giving and reduce your carbon footprint with these eco-friendly products and environmentally-friendly gifts.

Eco-Friendly Products & Gift Ideas for Someone Special

A Guide to Green & Sustainable Gifts

Whether it’s for Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or graduations, gifts are an important part of celebrations but how they’re sourced and produced can negatively impact the environment. 

How can we give presents in an environmentally responsible way? Check out our sustainable gift guide for tips and ideas around environmentally ethical and mindful gift giving.

Sustainable Gifts for Someone Special

What makes a gift sustainable? For a product to be sustainable, it has to somehow benefit the environment. Below are a few different ways products can be sustainable and some examples of gifts that fit in these categories.  

1. Used Products

Reduce your environmental footprint and look for used products at secondhand e-commerce sites and consignment stores. 

Gift ideas: vintage jewelry, classic books, antiques, teapots, wine glasses, or other tableware.

2. Recycled Products

Buy gifts made with recycled materials to prevent those materials from going to a landfill. 

Gift ideas: backpacks made from billboards, wallets made from fire hoses, and toys made from recycled plastic.  


3. Biodegradable or Zero-Waste Products 

Look for gifts that are compostable, biodegradable, or can be easily repurposed after they’re used. 

Gift ideas: compostable smartphone case, biodegradable scrunchies, and zero-waste candles

4. Reusable Products

Think of items that are often tossed after a single use (plastic water bottles, straws, plastic wrap) and replace them with products that can be used again. 

Gift ideas: stainless steel thermos or water bottle, beeswax food wrap, stainless steel straws, silicone snack bags, reusable shopping bags.

5. Sustainably Sourced Products 

Where and how are products made? Ethical Consumer's shopping guide and My Green Closet’s ethical clothing directory are convenient resources to find companies that make environmentally ethical and sustainably sourced products.

Gift ideas: bamboo sheets from sustainably sourced forests, shoes that measure their carbon footprint, and ethical clothing made from sustainable crops and organic farms. 

An Unexpected Surprise in Their Inbox

 When you want to acknowledge and celebrate a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion, hold off on sending paper greeting cards! Instead, send gorgeous eCards with the look and feel of traditional paper cards straight to someone’s inbox. 

Online greeting cards are not only a green alternative to paper cards, they also have some really cool features! Upload a photo to select eCards, customize the colors, envelope liner, and postage, then send by email or text. You can even add a short video message and include a digital gift card as an extra special surprise.

A Truly One-of-a-Kind Gift

Looking for gifts for the woman who wants nothing or the man who has everything? We all have someone in our life who repeatedly tells us that they don’t need anything for their birthday or the holidays. Of course, we’re still going to get them something, so why not make it unique, unforgettable, and eco-friendly? 

A heartfelt group video that includes best wishes from family and friends makes a personalized and memorable gift for any occasion, and–because it’s created and delivered online–it’s the perfect green gift for someone special. 

Group videos are easy to make, too! Simply gather video clips with best wishes from loved ones and combine them to make a thoughtful Happy Birthday video, Anniversary video, or Graduation video that will be cherished for years to come. 

Zero-Waste Entertainment Gifts

 Give the gift of fun without the waste! Digital subscriptions are environmentally-friendly gifts that are practical and enjoyable. Here are a few digital subscription gift ideas to check out. 

For the Movie Buff

You can’t go wrong with a subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix, Disney+, or HBO Max. Each platform offers a wide range of original shows, new movies, and old classics that any film fan will appreciate. 


For the Bookworm

E-book or audiobook subscriptions are the perfect gifts for environmentalists and bibliophiles. Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, and Audible offer book lovers a chance to devour the latest best-sellers or find old favorites.  


For the Lifelong Learner

 Treat a loved one to an online class subscription that lets them explore their interests. Whether it's yoga, dance, or cooking, they’re sure to appreciate the opportunity to learn more about something that they love. MasterClass and Mindvalley both offer subscriptions and a wide range of online programs and classes. One can see the positive feedback from people and know that it is a brilliant idea for gifting someone special.

For the Gym Rat

Although it’s not technically entertainment, a subscription to an online fitness platform is still fun!  Daily Burn, Obé Fitness, and Beachbody are a few virtual workout platforms that will get your loved one moving!


Give Back & Feel Good Gifts

Want to give a gift that gives back? Support your loved one’s favorite environmental cause with a donation in their name or a charity gift. 

Donation-based gifts offer countless ways to show a loved one how much you care about them and the planet: plant a tree in their honor, adopt an endangered species, or give them a piece of the rainforest

How will you go green with your gift giving? Whether you choose to create a group video, donate to charity, or buy a sustainable gift, the recipient and the earth will thank you!