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8 Engagement Gifts the Happy Couple Will Love

Celebrate the happy couple with these personalized, funny, and unique engagement gifts.

8 Engagement Gifts the Happy Couple Will Love

Personalized, Funny & Unique Engagement Gifts

The engagement of someone near and dear to you is a special and exciting occasion. Although an engagement gift isn’t required, it’s a thoughtful way to let the couple know that you’re thrilled about their big news.

Whether you’re looking for engagement party gift ideas or a simple and meaningful way to say congrats, we’ve got you covered! Read on for memorable engagement gifts the lovebirds will adore. 

Unique Engagement Gifts

Let’s take a look at some unexpected and unique engagement gifts for couples. 

Engagement Congrats Video 

What better way to celebrate the newly engaged couple than with heartfelt congrats from family and friends? A group video from Memento lets you easily gather touching messages from loved ones so that everyone can send their best wishes. Whether the group video is for your son, daughter, friend, or fiancé, the recipient is sure to appreciate such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. 

Need some inspiration? One of our customers created an engagement congratulations video BEFORE he proposed! He gathered 99 congrats messages from loved ones, proposed, and then showed his fiancé the group video from all their friends and family. Check out a snippet of the final video below! 

Video Greeting Cards

Email or text the happy couple an elegant Engagement Congrats eCard with a heartfelt video message. Find the perfect greeting card, personalize the written message, include a gift card, and record or upload a short video that the recipients will see as soon as they open your card!

Personalized Engagement Gifts

Make your engagement gift extra special with these personalization ideas.  

Ring Dishes

Keep those rings safe in beautiful dishes engraved with the couple’s initials (or their wedding day if they’ve set a date!). When it’s time to garden, bake, or work on the car, the recipients will appreciate having a special and secure place to store their prized possessions.

Champagne Flutes

Photo Credit: Krezy Case Store

Raise a glass and make a toast to the happy couple with personalized champagne flutes etched with their names or monograms. Whether the glasses are used at an engagement party or an anniversary celebration years from now, the recipients will love this customized gift (especially if it comes with a nice bottle of bubbly!). 

Wedding Keepsake Box 

Give your loved ones a special place to gather and protect cherished keepsakes from their big day. Items such as jewelry, wedding invites and programs, dried flowers, and the cake topper can be stored in a gorgeous wedding keepsake box that can be personalized with the couple’s names. It’s the perfect way to preserve the couple’s most precious memories from their special day. 

Funny Engagement Gifts

Make your loved ones chuckle with these funny engagement gift ideas. 

Photo Credit: Toe-Tally Socks

Bride & Groom Socks

Congratulate the happy couple and make sure they don’t get “cold feet” with fun bride and groom socks. They’ll both get a kick out of these silly socks as they count down the days to their wedding in style.

“Mr. Right” & “Mrs. Always Right” Mugs

If you’re going to wake up and drink coffee with the same person for the rest of your life, you might as well make it fun. Gift the special couple bride and groom coffee mugs or wine glasses printed with funny marriage-themed messages like “I do” and “I do what she says” or “I love you” and “I know.”

Marriage Survival Books

These tongue-in-cheek books are perfect for couples who have a great sense of humor. Here are a few that offer some serious and light-hearted guidance on how to make a marriage work:

1) There’s a Spouse in My House

2) Marriage Rules!: The Hilarious Handbook for Surviving Marriage

3) The Newlywed's Instruction Manual

Celebrate loved ones who have chosen to spend their lives together. Keep these silly, customized, and one-of-a-kind gifts in mind to mark this momentous occasion and let the special couple know that they’re loved!