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Father's Day Ideas

Father’s Day in North America is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, right around the Summer Solstice. This year, that's Sunday, June 20th. It’s a time for great weather, fun activities, and lots of family time!

Father's Day Ideas

When Father’s Day rolls around, there’s no shortage of activities that you can enjoy either as a family, or one-on-one with your Dad. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to come up with a meaningful gift so we end up last minute buying him a tie, or a 6-pack, or picking up a take-out dinner. To help you with some Father’s Day Ideas that you can plan ahead of time, we’ve done a little bit of research and come up with some great ideas for gifts and experiences for your Dad. 

Simple Father’s Day Gifts

If you’re lucky enough to have a Dad, or a Grandpa, or a Father figure in your life, you may be in need of some suggestions on how to recognize him for Father’s Day. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or make a huge gesture for it to be appreciated.  

Dress Him Up - When I asked around the office, do you know what one of the simplest responses to “What’s the best gift you could receive for Father’s Day” was? It was this: “Clothes - because I rarely shop for myself!” Of course, there are exceptions! Some men love to shop and enjoy choosing their favorite styles or brand names, but for others, having you choose an item of clothing or an entire outfit that you know will look great on him and suit his style is a great gift! 

Picture This - If he’s heading to work every day, one of the simplest things that you can do is send the family with him - at least figuratively. Frame some family photos, or photos of the kids posing with the letters D - A - D and give them to him for his workspace or office. It’s a lovely reminder of what he’s working for! 

Cool Father’s Day Gifts

Keep in mind that if you’re trying to find something “cool” it may not be received warmly if it isn’t something that suits the Dad that you’re shopping for. If you want to be genuinely cool in Dad’s eyes, you’ll want to also find something that is perfectly suited to him.  Does he have any hobbies? What is something so special that he’d love to have, but hasn’t treated himself to? 

Here are a few “wish list” items:

Game Tickets - Whatever his team - professional or collegiate - and whatever his sport, there’s almost nothing quite as fun as getting tickets to a game OR being taken to the game on Father’s Day! If the schedule doesn’t work out - his favorite Hockey team will return in the fall - then pick him up a jersey representing his favorite player. He’ll be eager to wear it for the season opener! 

bbq smoker with man in background

Grilling or Smoking Equipment - Has he been dreaming of a Big Green Egg? Drooling over a Treager? Or prepping for the dream Outdoor Kitchen? Help make his dreams come true. Pick up his favorite piece of equipment. You’ll be the coolest kid or wife, ever! 

Hobby Gear - Does Dear ol’ Dad have a hobby? Perhaps he’s an avid outdoorsman? Loves his Craft Beers? Lives for the summer months so he can spend the weekends camping? Show him your support by picking up a new Mountain Bike. A home brewing kit. Or heck - even a new sleeping bag or tent. If it’s related to one of his passions, you know he’ll think it’s a cool gift! 

How to Make Father’s Day Special

If you can’t - for whatever reason - be together in person and get the whole family to show up at Dad’s for a big Father’s Day barbecue, you could always celebrate virtually. Plan a few days ahead, give everyone a heads-up to watch for their recording invite, and create a group video for Dad. Tell him how much you love him. How much you appreciate how he’s always been there. Talk about a favorite memory. When you put together the final group video with all the messages from his favorite people, it’ll make a cherished and memorable gift for your Dad. 

With hectic schedules, miles between us, and a pandemic around (and hopefully soon, behind) us, the most valuable gift that we can give anyone is our time. Here are some ideas for making Father’s Day extra special by dedicating an entire day to your Dad. 

Gone Fishin’ - Buy dad a new fishing pole and stock his tackle box with the best new lures you can find. Take him to the same fishing hole where he spent all those hours adding worms to your hook.

Work for Him - Clean out your dad’s garage - whether it needs a good sweep or a trip to the dump. Tend his vegetable garden. Organize his workshop. Treat him to a little bit of hard work, and you’ll both benefit from the fruits of your labor.

Country Drive - Buy your Dad a ball cap from his favorite team. Then rent a convertible and take your dad for a nice long drive through the country. Use the time to talk, reminisce, or listen to some of his favorite tunes. 

Whatever you plan, it’s about spending quality time with your Dad. To end the day on a high note, cook his favorite meal - that Porterhouse on the BBQ served with an ice cold beer - and it may just end up being one of the most special days you’ve ever had together!

boy fishing with Dad