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12 Get Well Gifts for Someone Special

Whether you’re looking for Get Well Soon gifts after surgery, an illness, or injury, help a loved one on their road to recovery with a little something special to lift their spirits!

12 Get Well Gifts for Someone Special

Get Well Gift Ideas

When someone you care about is sick or injured, a Get Well gift can mean the world to them! 

But sometimes it’s difficult to know what exactly to get them. Let’s take a look at a few Get Well gift ideas to help you decide the best way to make a loved one feel better and show you care.  

Unique Get Well Gifts

Help a loved one on their path to recovery with these special Get Well gift ideas.

  • Get Well eCards. Let someone know that you care with online Get Well cards! Send thoughtful well-wishes in digital greeting cards that have the look and feel of traditional paper cards, but can be delivered immediately to loved ones in need of support and encouragement. Add a personalized message, short video, and gift card inside your greeting card to really make them smile! 

  • Get Well Video. When someone isn’t feeling their best, nothing makes them feel better faster than from hearing from loved ones. Send someone special a Get Well group video with messages of love and support from friends and family. Gather video clips of well-wishes and combine them into a final group video that is sure to surprise and delight the recipient!

Get Well Baskets

Below are a few themed Get Well basket ideas for a loved one in recovery. Remember that these items can be mixed and matched to create a more eclectic basket! 

a gift basket filled with relaxation products

  • To Help Them Sleep. Catching some shuteye is key to a quick recovery, but sometimes it’s difficult to do when you’re not feeling your best (especially if you’re in a noisy hospital!). Help a loved one get some serious z’s with chamomile tea, comfy pajamas, a silk pillowcase, an eye mask, earplugs, and lavender pillow spray.

  • To Make Them Laugh. If you believe that laughter truly is the best medicine, then tickle your loved one’s funny bone with a DVD of their favorite comedian; a motivational swear words coloring book; a personalized pillow with your silly face on printed on it; and a t-shirt with a funny message like “I feel like sh*t” or “Yes, it hurts. Thanks for asking.”

  • To Stave Off Boredom. Oftentimes a patient is bedridden during their recovery, which limits the activities they can participate in to keep themselves occupied. Keep your loved one entertained with Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, word searches, brainteasers, magazines, the latest best-selling novel, and a journal to jot down their thoughts.

  • To Motivate Them. This basket should be filled with goodies that are only allowed to be eaten once the patient is feeling better and well on the road to recovery. Keep them motivated to get better with their favorite foods and drinks like wines, beers, cocktails, chocolates, candies, cookies, and other indulgences! 

Get Well Gifts for Men

Give your father, son, brother, or friend a little extra love these Get Well gift ideas!

  • Recovery Necessities. Men aren’t always the best at taking care of themselves. With this in mind, give them gifts that make it virtually impossible not to practice self-care. Gifts can include lip balm, hand lotion, warm socks, heating pads, ice packs, a thermos to keep drinks hot or cold, bottled water, and healthy snacks like fruit, granola bars, and popcorn. 
young man on couch with hand-held gaming system

  • Handheld Gaming System. For a patient with a long recovery and a gift-giver with a big budget, handheld video games are the perfect Get Well gift. Whether your loved one is in the hospital or at home, a gaming device will keep him entertained for hours!

  • Cleaning, Landscaping, or Snow Removal. If your favorite guy is unable to mow his lawn, deep clean his bathroom, or shovel his driveway, get him a gift certificate for these services so that he doesn’t have to worry about it while he’s recovering. Alternatively, volunteer to do it yourself if you’re able!

Get Well Gifts for Women

Let the special women in your life know that you’re thinking of them with these Get Well gifts for her. 

  • Electric blanket. Is it cold in here? Women tend to have slower metabolic rates than men, so they often get cold more easily (and fighting off an illness can also give you the chills!). Keep your loved one cozy with a super soft electric blanket. Look for blankets that are machine washable and have built-in foot pockets to keep her tootsies warm!

  • E-reader. Help her pass the time with great books at her fingertips. Include a gift card to purchase digital books or preload the e-reader with plenty of good reads, whether they’re inspirational stories, thrilling mysteries, or juicy romances!

  • Grocery or Meal Delivery. No one wants to think about grocery shopping or making dinner when they’re under the weather. A grocery delivery gift card or subscription to a meal delivery service is a life-saver for someone who might not have the energy to shop or prepare meals. 

Remember that Get Well gifts can go a long way in making someone feel better after an illness, surgery, or injury. Take some time to think about what your loved one would appreciate the most in their time of need and you’re sure to raise their spirits and help in their recovery.