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Get Well Soon and Memorial Ideas

When you’re feeling your worst, there’s nothing better than love and support from loved ones to lift your spirits. We used to send “get well soon” greeting cards to the special people in our lives who were in hospital following a surgery, or who were dealing with an extended illness, but when was the last time that you sent or received a get well soon card? 

Get Well Soon and Memorial Ideas

A handwritten note or greeting card is lovely and thoughtful, but with all of the technology available to us today, we’ve grown and adapted those traditions. The pandemic has also caused us to rethink and reimagine gatherings during lockdowns and quarantines, which has created some really touching innovations.

Inspirational Get Well Messages

When you can’t deliver a get well message in person, you can always go digital with a virtual greeting card. There are lots of options available. We recommend that you add a special, inspirational message that suits the recipient and their ailment. For example: 

dog visiting woman in hospital

  • If they’re having surgery - such as a knee replacement - where they’re going to be relieved of the chronic pain they suffered previously, you can write something like: “You won’t just be getting better, you’ll be better than you were before!”  
  • If they’re someone that you engage with in sports or recreational activities, tell them “You’re greatly missed and I’m looking forward to golfing/playing ball/dancing, etc with you again!”
  • If you’re writing to an employee or coworker: “Your only job is to rest and recover!” 
  • If they’re a dog lover “Hope your tail is wagging again soon!”. 

The more personal the message is to the recipient, and the more tailored it is to their unique situation, the better it’ll be received! 

Comforting Someone who is Terminally Ill

It can be scary and difficult to know what to say when a friend or family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness. While it is difficult knowing that what we do or say can’t change their diagnosis, the best way that we can help is to support them and help them live the rest of their lives to the fullest. 

We’re Thinking of You

When someone who is usually in your circle can’t be out and about, due to terminal illness, you can provide support by simply letting them know that they’re in your thoughts. 

tractor parade at night

When a local farmer was fighting terminal cancer during the pandemic, over 200 of his neighbors, friends, and fellow farmers joined together to show their support in a unique and touching way. Knowing that they wouldn’t be able to gather with him, they formed a parade of tractors and farm vehicles, all lit up with Christmas lights, to drive a parade route in his area and past his farm. Though he was too ill to leave home, and it certainly wasn’t safe for him to have guests, his spirits were lifted by this display of kindness and support from his community, simply showing him that they were thinking of him.

You can do this in so many ways! Drop off their favorite meal. Send a text every day to say hi and let them know what you’re up to. Ask if they need anything at the store you’re going to. Just let them know that you’re still there for them. Most importantly, take the time to tell them just how important they are to you while you have the opportunity.

Inheritance of Hope 

Sadly, terminal illness also impacts families with young children. Those Moms and Dads are faced with so much, including the awareness that they won’t be there when their children are older, they won’t be able to provide for them, and they won’t be there to help their spouse. That’s where Inheritance of Hope can provide incredible support and comfort.

inheritance of hope family
Legacy Retreat to Disney

Inheritance of Hope's mission is to inspire hope in young families facing the loss of a parent. The 501(c)(3) charity was founded by Kristen and Deric Milligan following several years of coping with the challenges of raising three young children while battling Kristen’s terminal liver cancer diagnosis. Sadly, Kristen lost her courageous bout with cancer in 2012, but her passion remains as the organization continues to help families create memories and build a community of support. 

As leaders in legacy development, Inheritance of Hope uniquely serves families through resources and relationships for the particular challenges they face. Signature offerings include Legacy Retreats®, Hope@Home™, and Hope@Home™ Groups - each providing families with the opportunity to learn about shaping their legacy and receive tools to help each member of the family successfully navigate this difficult period in their lives. Inheritance of Hope believes that "Every Family Deserves a Legacy®."

Because of COVID-19, and in some cases, because of advanced illness, families are sometimes unable to travel for a traditional Legacy Retreat®. That’s why Inheritance of Hope launched Hope@Home™, bringing some of the favorite retreat features to families, virtually. We’re proud to partner with IoH to ensure that the Hope at Home™ participants can use Memento to create a group video for various purposes - collecting messages of love and support from friends and family, sharing that they’ll be there to love and support the children throughout their lives, and more. To discover the ways that you can support Inheritance of Hope, please visit here.

Memorial Group Videos 

young woman looking sadly at phone

The grief and sadness that we feel when someone close to us passes is undeniable. On top of dealing with our loss, we’re often left dealing with a lot of difficult decisions, planning for a funeral or memorial, settling estates and accounts, and more. During COVID, we’ve also had to deal with the tragic reality that we couldn’t be there to say farewell to those nearest and dearest. 

That’s where Memento has, unexpectedly, been a great help. Being able to very simply set up a memorial group video for a funeral, where people can share their grief, their precious memories, and their condolences has been an invaluable tool for so many families. Making a beautiful tribute video with contributions from a lifetime of friends, family, and colleagues for a Celebration of Life is an incredible and touching way to honor a life well lived. Create a memorial group video.

When we're ill, or when we're dealing with loss and grief, we need the support of the most important people in our lives. Being surrounded by loving, caring friends and family helps us heal, lifts our spirits, and brings us comfort. However you choose to show your support, you can rest assured that your kindness and sincerity will be greatly appreciated.