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6 Group Video Ideas for Employee Appreciation & Recognition

Let your employees know how much they’re appreciated in a special and memorable way. Check out these employee recognition ideas that use group videos to offer meaningful messages of gratitude.

6 Group Video Ideas for Employee Appreciation & Recognition

Group Videos as Employee Appreciation Gifts

Employee recognition is an important aspect in keeping your staff happy and engaged. While cake and cookies in the staff room is a sweet way to recognize a coworker’s milestone or a team’s achievements, nothing compares to the gift of personalized messages of gratitude, congrats, and appreciation from colleagues. 

When employees hear directly from their supervisors and coworkers about how much they’re appreciated, it can have a huge impact on them! Group videos are the perfect way to gather meaningful messages from supervisors and coworkers so that employees feel recognized for all that they do. Let’s take a look at a few different ways you can use group videos to express your gratitude and thank employees for their hard work. 

Group Video Ideas for Employee Recognition & Appreciation

Read on for ways you can use group videos to recognize and celebrate your employees!


If an employee has climbed the career ladder within your organization, use a group video to show your support and help them start their new role off on the right foot. New teammates can introduce themselves and welcome the promoted employee to their team, old teammates can send congrats and well wishes, and upper management can pass on their best advice and leadership tips. 

Job Well Done

Did Josie surpass her quarterly sales goals again? Did Marketing land the biggest client in the company’s history? Whether it’s for an individual or a team, take the time to recognize these achievements with messages of congrats from colleagues.

Employee Anniversary

Recognize an employee’s tenure at your company and get everyone involved in the celebration! A group video for a 10th or 25th work anniversary is the perfect way for coworkers, partners, and supervisors to let the recipient know how much they’re appreciated and how they’ve impacted the company.   

Company Milestone

Did your organization just serve its 100th or 1000th customer? Did your company go international? Whatever the milestone, be sure to include your employees in the celebration and thank them for their hard work in helping achieve this milestone. Get senior management, new and old partners, and possibly a few customers to congratulate and thank employees for their contributions. 

Modern Town Halls

To let employees know they’re appreciated, give them the chance to voice their opinions and ask decision-makers questions. For a modern twist on a typical town hall, have employees submit ideas via video for projects or initiatives that they think would be beneficial for the company. The final group video can be presented to executives or shared company-wide.

Another way to let employees know that they’re valued is to let them submit video clips with questions about the company’s projects, goals, or overall future. The group video organizer can review the questions, gather answers from the appropriate people, and record the responses in a final video that’s shared with the entire organization.

Employee Appreciation Day

This holiday was first launched in 1995 and is celebrated annually on the first Friday in March. Whether you choose to celebrate this holiday the day of or turn it into an “Employee Appreciation Week,” it’s the perfect time to thank your staff or coworkers with a meaningful video.

Not sure what to say in your video? Below are some ideas to help get you started!

10 Prompts for the Perfect "Thank You" Video

Here are some thought-starters you can use when you're ready to create your Employee Recognition Group Video. Have participants answer one or more these questions: 

  • What have you learned from our employees?
  • What great advice has a coworker given you?
  • What are you grateful for with your coworkers?
  • What team accomplishment makes you proud?
  • How has a coworker helped you this year?
  • What sets our employees apart?
  • What has a coworker done to make you laugh?
  • What is the best aspect of one of your coworkers?
  • If you could give a fun employee award, what would it be?
  • What makes you excited for work every day?

When the people we work with take the time to personally acknowledge our contributions and congratulate us on achievements, it can be incredibly rewarding. How will you use group videos to recognize your employees?