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9 Happy Birthday Halloween Ideas

Know someone with a Halloween Birthday? Check out these festive ideas to help wish them a very Happy Halloween Birthday!

9 Happy Birthday Halloween Ideas

Happy Halloween Birthday!

Nobody wants their birthday to compete with a holiday, especially one where you get free candy and wear fun costumes. It’s easy to understand why friends and family can easily get distracted by holiday festivities instead of giving the birthday honoree the love and attention they deserve. 

So what’s one to do with a Halloween Birthday? 

We say embrace it! Let’s take a look at different ways we can incorporate Halloween into birthday celebrations and make a Halloween Birthday special.

Halloween Birthday Meme Ideas

wicked witch meme

Having a birthday on Halloween is certainly a unique experience. A great way to acknowledge the absurdity of celebrating a birthday while surrounded by zombies, goblins, and ghosts is with memes. 

Email or text a friend a Halloween Birthday meme to let them know you recognize the humor of their situation. There are plenty of GIF and meme websites out there to help you find the perfect Halloween Birthday meme. Whatever you choose to send, your friend is sure to appreciate the funny birthday greetings!

Halloween Birthday Card

halloween birthday cards

Say “Happy Birthday!” with an online Halloween Birthday card that you can personalize for your loved one. Customize everything from the written message inside, the fonts, and text colors, right down to the stamp and the liner on the envelope. Add a heartfelt video message or include a thoughtful gift card the recipient will love. Best of all, you can send a card from any digital device!

Happy Birthday Halloween Video

For a special Halloween Birthday, gift the birthday honoree a group video with well wishes from family and friends in costume! Encourage loved ones to dress as their favorite superhero, villain, or movie star and send their birthday greetings in character. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Yoda: “Your birthday it is. Celebrate you must.”
  • Harry Potter: “Happy Birthday to my favorite muggle!”
  • Dorothy: “Oh no, Toto! We’re not in the land of 30-somethings anymore!”
  • Pennywise the Clown: “Happy Birthday, Georgie. Don’t you want a balloon?”

If participants are really decked out and unrecognizable, be sure to have them identify themselves at the end of their video clip. Once all the clips have been submitted, combine them into an unforgettable group video that the birthday honoree can cherish for years to come. 

Halloween Birthday Cake

Let’s be honest: birthdays don’t really seem complete without a cake to celebrate. Even if there isn’t a party, visit your local bakery or make your own festive cake to drop off at the birthday girl or boy’s home; they’ll appreciate the time and effort you put into making their day special! 

halloween unicorn birthday cake

There are a few ways to incorporate fun Halloween elements into a birthday cake. Does the birthday honoree love unicorns? Stick some fangs and bat wings on that pretty pony for a sweet and scary cake! You can also use seasonal flavors and themes for your Halloween Birthday cake (a Pumpkin Spice or Blood Red Velvet cake are both fun options!).

Another easy way to make a Halloween Birthday cake is to use orange and black frosting and fondant or candies to incorporate all things spooky like pumpkins, ghosts, gravestones, and spiders. Need something that’s easier to share and pass around? Check out these Halloween cupcake ideas that are perfect for a Halloween Birthday. 

Halloween Birthday Party Ideas 

Let’s take a look at a few Halloween Birthday party ideas for kids and adults!

  • Halloween Birthday Invitations. Get your party planning off on the right foot with online Halloween Birthday Party Invitations that you can customize and send from your phone. Browse digital invites designed specifically for Halloween Birthdays, pick your favorite, add important event details, and send via email or text. Guests can open your invitation right from their phone and easily RSVP. 
halloween birthday invites

  • Costume Party.  Kids and adults alike can’t resist dressing up in silly or spooky garb. Party hosts can encourage guests to wear any costume they want or they can introduce a theme. Is the birthday honoree really into 80s music, TV, and movies? Have guests dress as their favorite musicians and stars from that decade. Does the birthday kid love superheroes? Guests can dress as their favorite caped crusader or invent their own superhero costume! 

Whatever type of costume party you throw, be sure to let guests show off their attire with a costume contest or backyard parade for the little ones! 

halloween cocktail

  • Haunted Photo Backdrop. A fun way to capture everyone in costume is to create a simple Halloween backdrop for photos. Hang a sheet or tablecloth from a wall or fence and add black and orange streamers, pumpkins, spider webs, and other festive or spooky props. Take pictures of everyone and include a photo in a thank you eCard for each guest who attended the birthday party.
  • Pumpkin Painting. Let guests get into the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin decorating station. Be sure to have plenty of pumpkins on hand along with paint, markers, glitter and paper. Not only will guests have fun creating their masterpiece, but they’ll be excited to take them home as party favors! 
  • Creepy Cocktails. Anyone up for a Vampire Blood Cocktail or some Green Goblin Punch? Whether you provide Halloween cocktails for adults or Halloween drinks for kids, any creative, themed beverage will enhance your party’s atmosphere and help make your celebration fun and festive! 

Whether you wish someone a “Happy Halloween Birthday” or “Happy Birthday Halloween,” be sure to use these ideas to make their day extra special!