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How to Make A Graduation Slideshow

Want to create a thoughtful surprise for your graduate? Learn how to make a graduation slideshow with music using photos from loved ones and preselected graduation slideshow songs.

How to Make A Graduation Slideshow

3 Steps for a Memorable Graduation Slideshow

Celebrate and honor your graduate’s academic journey with a customized slideshow you can play at their graduation party. A Shared Album from Memento lets you easily collect photos and videos from friends and family then automatically creates a slideshow for you (and it’s 100% free!).

Read on to learn how to create an unforgettable slideshow your grad will love. 

Step 1: Create a Shared Album

It’s easy to create a Shared Album for your slideshow. Just follow these steps: 

  • Sign up to create a Shared Album.
  • On the Shared Albums page, click the orange “Create Shared Album” button.
  • Give your album a Title and enter a Description.
  • TIP: Worried someone will upload a photo you don’t want to share? Choose when to add people’s photos: either review and approve photos before they appear in the album or let contributors add them right away. 
  • Update your tag (this is how other people can locate your album). The tag will be used in the link for your album as well as the email address. 
  • TIP: Tags should include your graduate’s full name and a reference to the graduation, slideshow, or year of graduation (like “BenJohnsonGraduation23” or “Ben-Johnson-Graduation-Slideshow”).
  • Set your album photo. Click the “Set Album Photo” link and upload a photo to personalize the album. The photo will display at the top of your gallery to help contributors identify your Shared Album. 

Step 2: Invite Contributors

Now that you’ve created your Shared Album, read on for ways to invite others to contribute their photos and videos for your graduation slideshow.

  • After you create your album, you’ll land on the Dashboard page. At the bottom, click the “Invite Others” link. 

  • You can share your album with others through a QR code, link, and an email address. You can also create a printable invitation. 

  • Copy your preferred method and paste it into an email, text message, etc. then send it to everyone you’d like to contribute. 

Step 3: Customize Your Slideshow

After photos and videos are uploaded to a Shared Album, a slideshow is created automatically. All you need to do is customize it to your liking! 

To access slideshow features, click the “Slideshow” tab from “Album Settings” to:

  • Set the pause time on photos
  • Show or hide photo captions
  • Choose background music

Add Graduation Slideshow Songs

Choose from several different background tunes, from sweet and serene to upbeat and catchy. Easily preview graduation slideshow songs and pick your favorite.

Final Tips: Graduation Slideshow

Here are a few suggestions on what to include in your graduation slideshow and how to display it at your party and share it with others. 

  • Add Baby Pics. Include pictures from childhood through today. Your guests will get a kick out of the old childhood photos and it's always fun to take a trip down memory lane during such a milestone occasion!

  • Add Graduation Pics. Remember: slideshows are created automatically once photos and videos are uploaded, so you can easily include graduation ceremony photos even if your party takes place on the same day.

  • Premier or Loop It. Slideshows can be played in a couple of ways. You can keep the slideshow running in the background of the party on a loop, or you can premier the slideshow at a key time during the party such as at dessert or during any speeches.

  • Consider Display Options. Slideshows can be played on a smart TV connected to the internet, cast to a TV from your phone, or viewed on a tablet or laptop. 

  • Do a Test Run. Whether you play the slideshow at home or a venue,  make sure everything is in working order before the party starts.

  • Share with Non-Attendees. It’s possible that not everyone will be able to attend the graduation party. Easily email a link to the slideshow to those who can't make it so they don’t miss out.

Celebrate your grad in a big way with a personalized graduation slideshow they’ll never forget. Looking for other ways to make their day extra special? Create a Congratulations Graduate group video with thoughtful messages from friends and family.