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How to Make A Touching Memorial Video

Losing someone special is a heartbreaking experience. A memorial video can be a meaningful way to share your grief with others, capture precious memories, and commemorate a loved one’s life.

How to Make A Touching Memorial Video

How to Make a Funeral Video Tribute

We know that the loss of a loved one is devastating, no matter what the circumstances. Funerals, memorials, and Celebration of Life ceremonies can help us deal with this devastation by letting us process a loss, share memories, and connect with friends and family. Another meaningful way to share memories and help with the grieving process is through a memorial video

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How do I make a memorial video? How much does a funeral memorial video cost? Which memorial video maker should I use? Creating a memorial video can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re dealing with a difficult loss. Let’s take a look at how to make a tribute video in an easy and meaningful way to help a loved one’s memory live on and provide comfort to family and friends.

Why Create a Memorial Video? 

Memorial videos not only commemorate a loved one’s life, they also can help with the healing process of losing someone special. Here are a few other reasons to consider a memorial slideshow or tribute video. 

  • Inclusive. A memorial video can involve everyone, near and far, including those who are not able to attend the funeral or memorial service. Memorial videos also give family and friends who don’t have the courage to speak in public an opportunity to pay tribute. Likewise, those who feel they wouldn’t be able to control their emotions enough to speak in public would also appreciate the opportunity to record a thoughtful tribute video in a more private setting. 
  • Capture Memories. Memorial videos allow users to easily collect precious memories of someone special and are the perfect way to honor a life well lived. By preserving valuable memories of the deceased, memorial videos also create a beautiful keepsake for loved ones that can be cherished for years to come.
  • Share. A tribute video can easily be shown at a memorial service or Celebration of Life ceremony, or it can be shared through email, text, or social media. Many find that sharing their condolences and memories helps with their grief, and that when listening to others’ stories, they’ll often learn a few things they never knew about the deceased. This can provide some much needed comfort during a difficult time.
  • Meaningful Investment. The average cost to hire a professional video editor for a memorial video is between $60 and $175 per hour; Memento offers subscriptions that are much more affordable, with options for both yearly and monthly plans. Our platform also gives users complete control over their video and lets them easily customize it to make a personalized and thoughtful tribute.  
  • Relive. A tribute video lasts forever. Friends and family can rewatch the video whenever they want, on a day that they’re especially missing someone, on the anniversary of a loved one’s death, or just because. Regardless of the reason, it’s comforting to know that the bereaved can look back on a loved one’s life when they want to.

How to Make a Tribute Video

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Memento’s memorial video maker is easy to use. Let’s take a look at the four steps you need to take to create a memorial group video. 

1. Set Up Your Video & Send Invitations

Sign up with Memento and start a new group video. Add a photo of your loved one, set a due date, and get a link to the video invitation. Invite family and friends to participate in the memorial video by sending them the invitation link via email, text, or messaging app.

2. Collect Video Clips

Anyone who receives your invitation link can record a video clip using a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. You’ll get an email notification when new video clips are received.

3. Customize Your Video

Easily drag and drop the video clips into the order you want. Select colors, choose music, and add an optional, brief message for the beginning and end. 

4. Share 

Within minutes of finishing your memorial video, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to your completed video. Send the link to others via email, text, social media. The video can also be downloaded as a keepsake or shared at a memorial service.  

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What to Say in a Memorial Video

If you’re not sure what to say in your memorial video, here are a few ideas to help get you started. 

  • Condolences. If you have yet to offer your condolences or simply want to show your love and support again, this is the perfect opportunity to share your sympathy to those closest to the deceased. 
  • Favorite Memory. Share a favorite story of the deceased and why this memory is special to you. The story can be heartwarming or funny; tears and laughter are both okay in a memorial video. 
  • Favorite Quality. What did you love most about your special someone? Their generosity? Their sense of humor? Share how these qualities impacted you and others.
  • Best Advice. What has been the most important advice the deceased gave you? Share how this advice or life lesson has helped shape you. 
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  • Favorite Photo. If you can’t think of a story to share, sometimes a picture can help jog your memory. Look through an old photo album, find a few favorites, and share them while you reminisce. 

We hope you found our memorial video guide helpful, and that no matter how you choose to honor and remember your loved one, it provides you with comfort and lasting memories.