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How to Use Memento - The Video Gift Maker - To Surprise Someone Special

We want to tell you about the Memento Group Video Maker and show you how easy it is use. Gather your friends, your family, and your colleagues to celebrate the birthday, milestone, or achievement of someone special with an unforgettable Group Video. Take a look!

How to Use Memento - The Video Gift Maker - To Surprise Someone Special

Watch This Tutorial Video!

What is a Memento Group Video?

So, someone you care about has something to celebrate: A Birthday. Graduation. Engagement. Wedding anniversary. Work anniversary. A retirement. You get the idea.

They're important enough that a gift card just isn't gonna cut it. And they're also someone who has just about everything. So what is the best gift that you can give them? Try making a personal, memorable Group Video with special messages from friends, family - everyone who cares.

We make it easy to give the most meaningful, memorable gift, ever. Plus, you can try it for free!

A group video is a compilation, or montage, of video messages from friends, family, coworkers–anyone. Our video maker platform makes it easy to invite people to participate, edit all the video clips together, and create a group video that they’ll never forget. Seriously, they will watch it over and over again!

How Does Memento Work? 

To get started, you'll enter a few simple details about your celebration. Who are you celebrating? What's the occasion? 

When you're setting up your Group Video, upload your favorite photo of the video recipient. This is what your friends and family will see when they receive your invitation to join the video and we've found that it helps you get better response to your video invitations! While birthdays are our most popular occasions, Memento Group Videos are also perfect for Anniversaries, Retirements, Memorials, Get Well Videos, and much more.

Then choose who you want to contribute to the video. You can easily invite people to join in by email, text message, or a shareable link.

Within your Memento Dashboard, you can either upload or manually enter your guest list to send invites by email or text message. If you prefer to use a messaging app like Messenger, Slack, or WhatsApp to keep in touch with your invitees, that's no problem! Just copy the link and paste it into your favorite tool. No matter which way your invited participants receive the link, their experience is the same once they click to join the video! 

When your invitees receive their invitation, they click on the link that opens up the page where they can add their video message. All they need to do is record their video right there on Memento & hit “save.”

There is no need for any special video equipment, or selfie sticks. Your invitees can join the video using their phone, tablet, or even a computer with a built-in or add-on web cam. One thing to watch for is that on some laptop or desktop computers, users may get a pop-up that asks to allow the browser to access the webcam. When this is allowed, invitees can just record and save their video directly into the Memento platform. They can even redo the video clips multiple times to make them just perfect before hitting "Save".

Did we mention that we've made it so easy that even grandma can do it?  As the videos come in, they're all saved within your video project and you receive a notification that a new one has arrived.

When everyone has added their videos, log back into Memento where we make it easy to edit your group video together – put the video clips you received in order, trim the length, choose your colors, add text and music, & more!

There are plenty of ways to make your Group Video exactly as it should be!

Order - you just drag and drop the videos to put them into the order you'd like. If you want to organize your videos by the age of the submitter, or by their family, or by their position in your company - you have the power to order them as you wish!

Trim - we often see long pauses as submitters figure out "is this thing on", or forget to stop the recording before they get up and walk across the room. That's okay - you can trim from the beginning or end of each video submitted!

Title - are you making a Group Video for someone at work? You can add a Title and Subtitle to each video clip. Think "Matt, CEO" or "Melissa, Class of 2000".

Rotate - believe it or not, we have seen some video clips submitted upside down. No problem - you can just click to rotate the video to the proper format.

Settings - you can choose whether you want to hide someone from appearing in the collage at the beginning and end of a video to keep their special appearance a surprise. You can also choose to mute the background music if someone in your video clip is singing or playing an instrument that you want to feature.

Colors - we have some pre-set color combinations for the opening and closing of the video, but if you want, you can also choose a custom color palette to match your wedding theme colors, your company logo, and more! You can also choose whether you want a multi-color pattern, or a solid color.

Message - Add a brief message in the introduction or closing of the video, such has Happy Birthday, Surprise, Happy 50th Anniversary, etc.

Music - We have many background music tracks to choose from, and you can filter them by their mood "upbeat", their theme (birthday, holiday) and more! 

There are so many ways to customize your Group Video and make it just perfectly suited to the recipient that you'll never see 2 Memento videos that are exactly alike! 

And don't forget to add your own video message. As the organizer, you may want to add a fun little introduction to kick off the group video!

This is your time to shine! Let the recipient know why you chose to create a Group Video for their special occasion and let them know exactly how special they are to you!

When you’re all set, click to create your group video.

Now here's where Memento works our magic. You can go make yourself a cup of coffee, or whatever you need to do for a few minutes and we’ll send you an email notification to let you know your group video is ready!

There are other Video Maker platforms out there that will enable you to collect the video clips on their platform, but then you'll have to wait hours or days for their staff to edit and create your montage video for you. With Memento, it is literally as easy as clicking the button. While you look after the next thing on your to-do list, our platform will automatically stitch together your video masterpiece. When we say within minutes, we mean it!  As a ballpark, you can estimate that if you have 10 minutes of video clips, your video will be ready in about 20 minutes. It really is THAT EASY!

Then you'll just click on the link to watch your personal and heartfelt creation. Need to fix something? Go back and edit your clips, or choose different background music, fix a typo, etc. Recreate the group video as many times as you need to get it right - there's no extra cost.

Let's say Granny's favorite (but terrible with deadlines) grandchild decides to submit a video clip after you've created your Group Video. It's OKAY! You don't have to do everything again. You can just drag their video into the right spot and click that Create Video button again.

Not big on technology? No problem. Memento is simple to use AND we have a fantastic customer success team that can help you every step of the way – to ensure your group video is perfect, every time.

When you send an email inquiry about the issues you're experiencing, our friendly and knowledgeable team will respond to you. That's right - you're not contacting robots trained with auto-responses. Our teammates read your questions and figure out the issues that you're having and then let you know exactly what to do or where to click to resolve them. We want you to have a really great, satisfying experience when you use Memento and when you need our help, we're there with you! Just ask Patti - she's become great friends with Derek since he proposed to Dallas! 

When your group video is just right and you're ready to share it, you can copy and paste the link or you can even download the file to save it to a hard drive or a portable drive.

For the best surprise, project or stream your group video onto a big screen at a celebration. Play the group video full of special messages while the recipient is surrounded by the special people in their life! 

We even had one wonderful family rent out an entire theater for a movie night and surprise Grandma with an 80th Birthday Memento Video. However you choose to share your Memento video, the choice is yours. The video link is unique to you and entirely private. It won't be release on Social Media. It won't be posted on our Website. It is entirely yours to do with as you want. That said - we are always grateful to our customers who share their Group Videos with us. With your permission, we retell your story through our website, emails, or social media channels so that others can see the joy they can create with Memento.

So far, nearly 6.5 million people around the world have helped make Group Videos with Memento. That's enough for us to be able to say, with confidence, that there is a very high likelihood that your recipient will be moved and incredibly touched by their heartfelt video gift - leading to tears of joy! 

Tears of Joy!

Now that you've learned about Memento and how it works, why don't you give it a try! 

It's easy to get started and you'll be eligible for a free 3-day trial to make sure that you're confident that it's right for you!