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5 Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Video

Capture special memories and messages of love from your big day with these tips and ideas for a memorable wedding video.

5 Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Video

How to Make A Wedding Group Video

One of the most important days in your life will fly by in the blink of an eye. You’ve spent so much time planning and thinking about your wedding, don’t you deserve to relive the day whenever you want? 

Wedding videos give happy couples the ability to preserve precious messages of congrats from friends and family, capture special moments from the ceremony and reception, and create a personalized digital keepsake of their big day so that they can rewatch and reminisce years from now. 

Memento’s wedding video maker makes it easy to collect video clips, rearrange and trim them, and create a final group video to share with loved ones. You can even customize the video’s background with a color palette that matches your wedding colors and add background music to enhance the video’s atmosphere!

So how do you make a wedding group video? Below are a few wedding video tips and suggestions that can be used as stand-alone ideas or combined to create a truly unique keepsake of this major life milestone. Let’s get started!

1) Plan a Wedding Day Surprise

Capture best wishes from friends and family a few weeks before the wedding for a one-of-a-kind gift for the special couple. Gathering messages of love before the big day gives people plenty of time to think about what they want to say and how they want to say it, helps create excitement around the wedding, and ensures that those who aren’t able to attend can still participate and send their congratulations. 

Once the final group video is done, play it on a big screen at the wedding reception as a surprise for the bride and groom or send it to them to watch after they return from their honeymoon. Whether the video is organized by a parent, child, friend, or fiancée, the recipient is sure to appreciate such a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

2) Modern Guest Book

Collect well wishes from loved ones during the wedding to create a digital guest book and personalized keepsake of the big day. Set up a recording area near the reception entrance with a small table, digital device, and instructions for guests to introduce themselves and record messages of love and advice. 

Not only will the newlyweds have an official record of who attended their wedding, but they’ll enjoy seeing guests dressed to the nines and hearing messages of love from those closest to them.

3) "Way Back When" Video Booth

Go back in time with a video booth and group video that encourages guests to share their favorite stories of the bride or groom from their younger years. Decorate a wall, backdrop, or the inside of a booth with photos of the happy couple from birth to present day to provide inspiration and help stir up some old memories. Place the booth somewhere quiet, provide good signage so people don’t miss it, and include a digital device with a stand, ample lighting, and simple instructions so even technophobes will get it right! 

After the wedding, the newlyweds will enjoy watching the final video compilation and traveling down memory lane together.


4) Wedding Party Intros 

Before the wedding, have bridesmaids and groomsmen introduce themselves, explain their role and how they know the bride or groom, and then add any best wishes or words of wisdom they might have. Be sure to include the flower girl and ring bearer, too (they’re  sure to have some pretty adorable responses!). 

Once all the video clips have been submitted, you have the option to add text to the videos with the person’s name and official title (or you can give them funny titles like the “I Do Crew,” “Brides Baes,” or “Groom’s Groupies”).

5) Big & Small Moments

Recruit friends and family to help capture important moments like getting-ready footage, the ring exchange, pronouncement kiss, first dance, and cake cutting with their phones. Guests can also capture unique and candid moments from their perspective that the special couple may not get to witness during the celebration, like your friends’ reactions to the best man speech or the flower girl falling asleep under the dessert table.

Be sure to put signs on the reception tables with a QR code that links to your wedding video page so guests can easily upload their clips. And don’t be afraid to send a gentle reminder to guests after the wedding that thanks them for celebrating with you, includes a link to your video page, and encourages everyone to share their clips.

Remember that a wedding video is something that can be cherished by everyone. When your final group video is complete, send it to guests so they can share in the love and relive the celebration, too!