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Memento is the Online Video Editor

Congrats! You’ve decided to create a thoughtful group video for a colleague or loved one. Now comes the hard part: which online video maker should you use? With so many different options out there, picking a video maker app can be overwhelming. Luckily, with Memento, video making has never been easier (or more fun!).

Memento is the Online Video Editor

Try Our Simple & Customizable Online Video Editor

With several customization options to choose from, the Memento video maker app creates personalized, heartwarming experiences recipients can cherish for years to come.

The Best Video Maker

Our easy-to-use platform was created so that you can record and upload a video clip from a phone, a tablet, or your home computer. A group video can be organized and created quickly, with contributors all over the world! Our built-in editing tools help you create your video exactly to your liking. 

Online Video Editor Features


The Memento platform gives you the ability to easily edit video online, including individual clips and the final group montage. Memento users can:


Trim the beginning or end of individual clips when someone submits a video that is way too long or has an intro that starts with "Can you hear me? Is this thing on?” 

Rotate videos that arrive sideways or upside-down. 

Reorder videos the way you want them to appear in the group video using our simple drag and drop functionality


  • Colors. Use your creative skills to select a color palette that matches the recipient’s tastes and the occasion. Is the recipient’s favorite color blue? Are they celebrating a Golden Anniversary? Memento users can customize their background colors accordingly and even pick a solid or checkered pattern.

  • Faces. The Memento platform gives you the ability to show the faces of those in the video in a fun intro collage. This is an excellent way to build up excitement for the video; however, if you want to keep all of the faces a surprise until they appear throughout your group video, you can do that too! You can also choose to show or hide faces from individual clips using the Yes/No selector in the Video Clip Editor.
  • Music. Select from a wide range of background music to help set the stage and enhance the atmosphere of your video. Choose an instrumental track that best suits your needs and have a quick listen to make sure you like it. Not sure which song to pick? You can filter songs by Mood, Genre, and Occasion to help narrow down the selections. If someone has included some background music of their own in their video clip, just open the Video Clip Editor and you can mute the background music that you've selected - just for that clip! 

  • Text. Want to share a heartfelt or funny message to the recipient at the beginning or end of the video? Add text to a group video’s intro and outro to create a personalized message the recipient is sure to love. 


Our online video creator is easy to use and a huge time-saver. Once you set up your group video and send out the Record & Upload invitation link, you’ll receive an email notification each time someone submits a video clip. When all of the submissions are in and you’ve customized your video, click the “Create My Group Video” button and within a few minutes you’ll receive an email with a shareable link to your completed group video!

There’s no need to waste all your time and energy researching video creators. Memento--the simplest video maker online--offers a user-friendly and customizable experience, which means that you can focus on creating a thoughtful and moving gift that’s sure to put a lasting smile on someone’s face!