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National Boss's Day Gifts & Ideas

Boss’s Day, Boss Day, or Bosses Day. No matter what you call it, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to thank your boss for their support. Here are some Boss’s Day gifts and ideas to help you recognize your supervisor.

National Boss's Day Gifts & Ideas

Happy Boss Day

National Boss’s Day began in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski, a State Farm Insurance employee, registered the holiday with the U.S Chamber of Commerce. Patricia wanted to thank and honor her father (who was also her boss!) for all the advice and support he gave to her and her siblings throughout their careers. Today, Boss’s Day is celebrated internationally and recognizes those in supervisory roles that demonstrate kindness and fairness to their employees.

When is Bosses Day? And how is it celebrated? Boss’s Day falls on October 16, a day chosen by Patricia because it was her dad’s birthday! If Boss’s Day happens to fall on the weekend, it’s typically celebrated on the working day closest to it. How you celebrate this holiday largely depends on 1) your relationship with your boss and 2) if you want to recognize your boss on your own or with your coworkers. 

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It’s important to know that gifts aren’t necessary for Boss’s Day. A simple note of thanks is often the most treasured gift when you want to show your appreciation. If you do want to buy a gift, keep it simple (there’s no need for anything extravagant or over the top!).

Here are a few Boss’s Day ideas and gifts to give you some guidance on how to celebrate!

Boss’s Day Ideas 

A boss appreciation day is the perfect time to thank your manager. There are plenty of simple ways to recognize your supervisor on Boss’s Day. 

Boss's Day Cards
  • Greeting Card. Send a heartfelt digital Boss’s Day card with a personalized message to let your manager know you appreciate them. You can even include a short video message and add a digital gift card if you want to!
  • Decorate their desk. Whether you use balloons, streamers, banners, funny pictures of employees, or colorful post-it notes with nice messages written on them, your boss will be surprised and pleased that you took the time to recognize them.
  • Potluck lunch. Get your coworkers together for a nice lunch with your boss. Send colleagues a digital invitation with a Potluck Organizer tool that lets you specify what you’d like each person to bring, or lets your colleagues write in their contribution! Your boss will appreciate both the homemade meal and the company.
  • Virtual Happy Hour. If your team works remotely, schedule a video conference party after work. Invite employees to bring their favorite drink and munchie to celebrate and thank your boss for their support!

Bosses Day Gifts

When choosing a gift for your boss, think about their personality, hobbies, and your relationship with them. If you have a very formal relationship with your boss, a funny gag gift might not be the way to go. Here are a few Boss’s Day gift ideas to help get you started.


  • Gift card. Does your boss have a favorite coffee shop or breakfast place? Whether you get your coworkers together to pitch in for a gift card or go it alone, your boss will appreciate the kind gesture!
  • Sweet treat. If your boss has a sweet tooth, bring in a homemade goody or swing by a local bakery on the way to work. Donuts, cookies, muffins, or brownies all make for a nice, unexpected surprise. 
  • Team Photo. Take a picture of the entire team and frame it. Buy a frame that can be personalized with accolades and phrases such as “World’s Best Boss” or even a simple “Thank You”.
  • Charity Donation. Is your boss a big advocate for animal welfare or an environmental activist? Consider making a small donation to a cause that is near and dear to them for  a truly thoughtful gift. 
  • Group Video. Create a heartfelt group video that thanks your boss for all that they do. Simply send your coworkers a link inviting them to contribute, collect their video submissions, and easily combine them into a final video that your boss will love! 

Not sure what to say in the video? Coworkers can share their gratitude for their boss’s support, a favorite memory of working with their boss, or the best advice their boss has given them. You could also ask coworkers to respond to one of these questions: 

  1. What have you learned from our boss?
  2. How long have you worked with them?
  3. What's the best advice they've ever given you?
  4. How would you describe them to a potential employee?
  5. If they didn't work here, what should they be doing?
  6. What does our boss do that makes you laugh?
  7. How do they demonstrate kindness?
  8. How do they demonstrate generosity?
  9. What has our team accomplished that makes you proud?

10. What makes our boss the best leader/mentor?

Once your team has submitted their video clip, the video can be sent to your boss to view privately, shown to everyone who contributed, or even viewed by everyone at an in-person Boss Day celebration! 

Say “Happy Boss’s Day!” and show your boss you care with these Boss Day ideas. Remember that a small gift, kind gesture, or thoughtful show of appreciation can go a long way!