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Photo Sharing for Weddings, Anniversaries, & Baby Showers

Learn about the photo share app from Memento and how to easily capture and share photos and videos with loved ones for weddings, anniversaries, and baby showers.

Photo Sharing for Weddings, Anniversaries, & Baby Showers

Photo Share in 3 Easy Steps

You just attended an awesome celebration and would love to see pics from the event but don’t have the energy to track people down to share them. And even if you could track everyone down, how would you collect the photos in one place?  

The answer: Shared Albums, the free photo sharing app from Memento that lets you collect pictures and videos from friends and family in three simple steps. 

How it Works 

1. Create Your Shared Album & Invite Contributors

Personalize your album and share a link or QR code with loved ones to start collecting images and videos.

2. Collect Photos & Videos 

Anyone can contribute from any device.

3. Share Your Album with the Whole Group

Everyone who contributed can view and download the photos and videos in your album (or you can keep it completely private).

Now that we’ve reviewed how to use the photo sharing app from Memento, let’s take a look at a few occasions where Shared Albums would come in handy.

Wedding Photo Sharing

A wedding is a momentous occasion that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come. Once the big day has come and gone, your wedding photos will serve as the best way to remember and reminisce about this special time in your life. With this in mind, why not recruit all of your loved ones to help capture and share pics of this important milestone? 

Shared Albums ensure that you can easily collect every candid photo and video your guests take at your wedding, giving you different perspectives of moments big and small– like your grandmother’s happy tears while watching the father-daughter dance, the flower girl sticking her finger in the wedding cake, or your normally reserved uncle getting down on the dance floor. 

Before the big day, send guests a link to the Shared Album and – with a simple click of a button – easily generate a QR code to print on table place cards as a reminder to share images. Guests can easily upload pics from their phones for automatic, real-time picture sharing. There’s no need to hashtag photos or chase down guests for pics, and – best of all – it’s free! 

Don’t limit yourself to just the wedding. Be sure to invite loved ones to contribute pics for the engagement party, bachelor or bachelorette celebration, wedding shower, and rehearsal dinner too.  

Anniversary Party Photo Sharing

Planning an anniversary party? Easily collect photos and video clips of heartfelt toasts, dancing, singing, and other festivities so that guests and the special couple will never forget the celebration.

In addition to emailing the Shared Album link to everyone before the party, print QR codes with simple instructions and place them next to any photos or posters of the happy couple that you’ve decorated the space with. 

Want to make the party extra special? Ask friends and family to upload photos of the couple from over the years to a Shared Album before the party. Use the pics to create a slideshow and play it at the party for a wonderful surprise. If contributors share videos, it's the perfect opportunity to create and share a group video gift with the Memento platform.

Baby Shower Photo Sharing

Capture all of the special moments of the parents-to-be while they celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little one. Whether it’s pics of the honoree(s) with family and friends, photos of gifts being opened, or candid shots of games and good times, the Shared Album will be filled with precious memories the happy couple can look back on for years to come.

Before the event, send baby shower guests a link to the Shared Album. Place a few QR codes in prominent places throughout the event space, and – if you have thank you favors for guests – consider printing the code on labels as a gentle reminder for everyone to upload photos when they get home. 

Sharing photos online has never been easier. No matter what the occasion, be sure to use Shared Albums on Memento for a simple way to capture and share precious life moments.