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10 Summer Birthday Ideas

Summer birthdays are the best type of birthdays. This year, celebrate birthdays for any age with these fun summer birthday ideas.

10 Summer Birthday Ideas

Summer Birthday Ideas

outdoor summer birthday party

Summer is here. Get on those flip flops and soak up some sun! The summer is the perfect time to celebrate a birthday: the weather is ideal for outdoor celebrations and kids are out of school and ready for a good time. There are also fewer holidays to compete with during the summer, which means that guests are more likely to attend your birthday bash!

A summer birthday party should try to incorporate the outdoors to take advantage of the beautiful weather. If party hosts don’t have space in their backyards for a celebration, they can explore local parks, playgrounds, splash pads, or other public spaces. 

Once you have a location for your summer birthday, the hard part is figuring out what type of party to throw. Not to worry! We’ve got some fun summer party ideas for adults and kids to help get you started. 

Summer Birthday Ideas for Any Age

No matter what your age, these party ideas are perfect for anyone celebrating a summer birthday!

Beach Party. Bring the beach to your guests in your own backyard! Decorate tables with artificial sand, seashells, and seaweed. Drape colorful beach towels or palm tree cutouts along your fence and scatter beach balls around for a true beachy feel. For activities, set up a volleyball or badminton net and break out the Slip N’ Slide! Be sure to have tons of water and sunscreen on hand so guests can stay hydrated and safe in the sun. For food, serve classic barbecue items like hamburgers and hot dogs, lemonade for the kids, and beach-themed cocktails for adults. 

pool party

Pool Party. Make a splash on a hot summer day with a birthday pool party. If you don't have a pool in your backyard, you can explore other options such as a local hotel or pool club. Regardless of where you host, be sure to have pool noodles, water toys, fun inflatables, and arm floaties and life jackets for little ones. Decorate with sandal-themed tablecloths, napkins, plates, and cut-outs for a fun, summer feel. 

Remember that not everyone will want to be in the sun so be sure to have some shaded areas so guests can cool off. Fresh summer fruits like watermelon and strawberries are perfect to serve at your pool birthday party along with easy-to-hold foods like tortilla pinwheel roll-ups, taquitos, and pigs-in-a-blanket. Finish the party off with a refreshing ice cream cake!

Summer Birthday Ideas for Kids

There are countless ways to celebrate your child’s birthday over the summer. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

kid in a pirate costume

Pirate Party. A’hoy, Matey! Gather your kid’s crew for a fun-filled day of outdoor pirate activities. Decorate your party space with skull and crossbone flags, treasure maps, and nautical-themed tablecloths, plates, and cups. Hosts can hand out eye patches and pirate hats for guests to wear as they arrive. 

For activities, kids can have a cannon-ball fight with water balloons and go on an outdoor treasure hunt! Set up a scavenger hunt with several clues that will lead kids to small treasure chests filled with pirate stickers, temporary tattoos, and gold chocolate coins (be sure to “bury” the treasure in a cool, shady spot to avoid melting chocolate!). 

mermaid themed birthday party

Mermaid Party. Plan a “fintastic” party with these fun mermaid birthday ideas. Decorate your party space with blue, green, and white streamers and matching balloons to create an under-the-sea ambiance. Purchase fish, seahorses, starfish, and seaweed from your local party store and hang them along a fence or use them to decorate tables. 

For activities, hosts can purchase seashells from a local craft store and provide guests with paint, glitter, and gemstone stickers to decorate their shells with and take home as a party favor. Kids can also participate in a mermaid race: wrap guests’ legs in paper streamers to mimic a mermaid tail then have them hop to the finish line! 

Ice Cream Party. Keep kids cool and happy with a fun, ice cream birthday party. Hosts can spruce up their party space with DIY ice cream balloon decorations: purchase brown butcher paper and cut out ice cream cone shapes, top the cones with colorful balloons that represent scoops of ice cream, and add a red “cherry” balloon on top! 

two girls eating popsicles

For activities, hold a “Cherry on a Spoon” race: have kids run from one spot to another while balancing a cherry on an ice cream spoon; if the cherry drops, they have to start again from the beginning! Another fun activity is a “Make Your Own Sundae” craft: have glue and colorful construction paper on hand for kids to cut out ice cream scoops, cones, or bowls. Kids can make one-of-a-kind sundaes with glitter, markers, and colored pencils. 

Last but not least is the ice cream! Be sure to have plenty of disposable bowls, spoons, and napkins for a quick and easy clean-up. Toppings can include hot fudge, sprinkles, cherries, bananas, whipped cream, and the birthday kid’s favorite candy. Sing “Happy Birthday” and dig in!

Summer Birthday Ideas for Adults

Adults need to have fun on their birthdays, too! Here are some summer-themed birthday party ideas for an older crowd. 

Luau. A traditional Hawaiian luau includes great food, drink, and dancing. Start your birthday celebration off on the right foot by encouraging guests to come dressed in grass skirts or Hawaiian shirts! Hosts can decorate their outdoor space with tiki torches, tropical flowers, and grass table skirts and greet their guests with colorful leis and tropical drinks such as Mai Tais or Lychee Martinis. If a traditional smoked pig isn’t feasible for your birthday menu, grilled pork and chicken kabobs are great alternatives. Lastly, be sure to have Hawaian music playing in the background and don’t be afraid to hold a hula dancing contest!

wine tasting

Wine-tasting. Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice rosé on a beautiful summer evening? A wine-tasting birthday bash should include a mix of red wines and white wines, ranging from dry to fruity and sweet. Make sure to ask about the wine descriptions when purchasing them or look them up online later so that guests can try to guess the wine’s description after sampling! Buy different types of cheeses and crackers for people to munch on between glasses to cleanse their pallets. For decorations, adorn your backyard with vintage string lights for a warm, cozy ambiance and have plenty of blankets on hand in case the evening gets chilly. 

Unique Summer Birthday Ideas

For a truly special celebration, check out these thoughtful and unique birthday ideas. 

Digital Invitations. Whether it’s a beach party, luau, or wine-tasting, set the stage for your birthday with a digital summer party invitation that matches your party theme. After you pick the perfect invite, customize and send it from your phone. Guests can open your invitation right from their phone and easily RSVP. 

birthday invitations

Digital Birthday Cards. Say “Happy Birthday!” with an online birthday card that you can personalize for your loved ones on their special day. Customize everything from the written message inside, the fonts, and text colors, right down to the stamp and the liner on the envelope. Add a heartfelt video message or include a thoughtful gift card the recipient will love. Best of all, you can send a card from any digital device!

birthday cards

Video Keepsake. For a memorable birthday, have guests create video clips throughout the party sending the birthday boy or girl warm wishes for a special day. Easily combine the clips into a thoughtful group video that helps capture and preserve precious memories of a birthday celebration that can be cherished for years to come. 

Alternatively, before the party, email out a link for guests - and long distance friends and family who can’t attend in person - to record special birthday messages and share the final group video at the party. The recipient will be surprised and touched to see friends and family share their messages of love. Best of all, this digital keepsake can be played over and over again so the recipient can relive the experience whenever they want to!

The summer season is sure to bring warm weather and the very happiest of birthdays. Get planning today with these party ideas for an unforgettable summer birthday bash!