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13 Summer Gift Ideas

Summer is a time for celebrations, and with celebrations come gifts! Stay on top of your gifting game with these easy and thoughtful gift ideas for any summer party or occasion.

13 Summer Gift Ideas

Summer Gifts

Summer is the perfect time to gather with friends and family to celebrate special occasions and milestones. The weather is beautiful, kids are out of school, and everyone is ready to soak up the sun and have a good time!

bridal shower gifts

Whether it’s a June wedding, a July birthday, or an August anniversary, a meaningful gift is a must for any summer celebration. When choosing a gift, keep in mind the occasion, the recipient’s interests, what they want or need, and your budget. Once you’ve done that, you can start brainstorming!  Let’s take a look at some thoughtful gift ideas for the summer to help get you started. 

Summer Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are perfect for birthdays, weddings, and more! Here are some gift basket ideas for different summer events and occasions.

  • BBQ Basket. This is a great gift for Father’s Day, a birthday, or housewarming party.The grill master in your life will appreciate fun marinades, sauces, and rubs; tools and gadgets like a spatula, tongs, thermometer, and basting brush; and a nice apron with a matching grilling mitt. Don’t forget to include a favorite summer ale to help keep your friend cool while grilling!
  • Picnic Basket. This is a nice gift for an engagement party, wedding, or anniversary. Get a picnic basket and fill it with a blanket, bottle of wine, bottle opener, shatterproof wine glasses, cheese, fruit, chocolates, and other goodies and gadgets. Couples will appreciate any gift that lets them enjoy the outdoors and spend some quiet time together!
  • Cocktail Basket. This is a perfect hostess gift for any summer soirée. Purchase a cute cooler tote bag and include a few summer drink recipes with glassware, fun cocktail napkins and coasters; tools like a shaker, strainer, or jigger; and--most importantly--any necessary spirits, garnishes, and cocktail mixes!
  • Beach Basket. A perfect gift from Grandparents. Get the whole family prepared for a seaside vacation. Pick up sunscreen, beach towels, wide-brim hats, and plastic pails & shovels for playing in the sand. Package it all in a large beach-proof travel bag so it’s ready to go! 

Summer Birthday Gift Ideas

summer birthday party

What do you get for someone who has a summer birthday? Think about what they like to do over the summer and take it from there! Check out these summer birthday gift ideas based on people’s interests.

  • For Campers. Those that like to sleep under the stars will appreciate a state-of-the-art tent to keep warm and dry; a lightweight backpack to carry equipment; binoculars to observe wildlife and take in great views; a pocket knife for different campsite activities; or a marshmallow roasting kit to enjoy something sweet.
  • For Beach Bums. Some great gifts for those who like to have their toes in the sand include insulated cups for cool drinks; a waterproof radio to listen to fun summer jams; an e-reader for beach reads; a dry bag to keep wallets, electronics, and other valuables from getting wet; or sand toys and games for the kiddos! 
  • For Foodies. An easy gift for this group is a gift card to a restaurant with outdoor dining so foodies can enjoy a delicious dinner and summer sunset. For ice cream connoisseurs, an ice cream maker with a recipe book will keep this group cool and happy. For beer aficionados, gift a beer making kit so they can craft their own brew and enjoy a cold one on a hot day. 

Summer Gifts for Students

Whether your child just finished the school year, is in the middle of summer vacation, or is ready to go back to school, here are a few fun gift ideas that you can consider for this summer. 

  • Graduation Gifts. School is over and summer is here! Congratulate your student for a great school year with a fun gift they can enjoy over the summer. A gift card to their favorite ice cream shop, a membership to a museum or zoo, or a trip to an amusement park or beach are gifts any kid would love.
  • Rainy Day Gifts. Unfortunately summer doesn’t always guarantee sunny skies. When the weather is less than ideal, keep kids busy with a monthly subscription box. There are tons of boxes out there that offer activities around STEM, cooking, geography, and more. Kids will love that boxes are delivered right to their door and you'll love that they’re learning outside the classroom!
  • Back to School Gifts. As summer draws to an end, get kids psyched about returning to school with a personalized backpack, water bottle, fun markers or pens, or a sweet treat in their lunchbox on their first day back. Check out these other Back to School ideas and activities for students and teachers for more inspiration. 

Virtual Gifts for Summer

If your summer calendar is packed and you don’t have time to drive to a store and peruse the aisles, consider a digital gift. Not only will virtual gifts save you time, but it’s often easier to find something special online that the recipient will truly appreciate. 

There are plenty of times when virtual gifts can come in handy for summer celebrations: maybe you’re on vacation and can’t attend a party but still want to send a little something to the host; perhaps you waited until the very last minute and need a gift you can send immediately; or maybe you’re very eco-conscious and want to give digital gifts to reduce your carbon footprint. 

digital greeting card with gift card

Whatever the reason, digital gifts can be the answer! Gifts sent online are delivered instantly, which means that you don’t have to worry about delayed shipping and missing a birthday or other important event. Not only are virtual gifts easy to send, but they’re also easy to receive! Recipients can access their gifts right from their phones or other digital devices.

Let’s take a look at some of the best online gifts to send this summer. 

  • Digital Greeting Cards. Celebrate important summer occasions with online greeting cards. Digital cards can be sent for any reason, big or small! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, or new baby, digital cards can be sent from your phone in minutes. Best of all, you can include a heartfelt message and gift card the recipient is sure to love.
  • Online Classes. Who wouldn’t love to learn how to make the perfect summer cocktail? Or improve their stargazing skills? Or perhaps develop a better green thumb? Whether it’s a class on mixology, astronomy, or gardening, an online course is the perfect gift for those who love to learn and keep busy over the summer. 
  • Video Keepsake. Celebrate any summer occasion with a meaningful group video from Memento. Group videos capture and preserve precious messages of love, congrats, and well wishes and make perfect gifts for newlyweds; a birthday boy or girl; new parents; couples celebrating an anniversary; or a college graduate. Easily collect and combine video clips from family and friends to create a thoughtful group video that can be cherished for years to come. 

The summer is all about enjoying the warm weather and spending time with loved ones. No matter what the occasion or celebration, keep these gift ideas in mind for a fabulous summer with family and friends.