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5 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Video Ideas

Celebrate Thanksgiving and share your gratitude with these tips on how to create a “Things to Be Grateful For” video, Thank You video, and more.

5 Thoughtful Thanksgiving Video Ideas

Video Ideas for a Happy Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving is a joyous invitation to shower the world with love and gratitude.” -Amy Leigh Mercree

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect, acknowledge the good in our life, and share words of appreciation. Let’s take a look at how group videos can be used to celebrate and spread gratitude this holiday season.

1. Thanksgiving Greetings 

Can’t spend Thanksgiving with someone special this year? Let them know that they’re in your thoughts with a group video from friends and family. Loved ones can record warm Thanksgiving greetings and share what it is about the recipient that they’re most grateful for. 

Easily gather the video clips and combine them to make a meaningful group video that the recipient will love, especially if they can’t celebrate the holiday with loved ones. This is a wonderful gift for grandparents in particular because it captures and preserves sweet messages from grandkids that recipients can look back on fondly for years to come. 

2. Things I’m Grateful For

Share and celebrate the blessings of the past year with a gratitude video. Have friends and extended family reflect on the past year and share what they’re most thankful for, whether it’s a person, big life event, or something small and simple. 

Send the final group video to everyone on Thanksgiving Day or – if you’re hosting Thanksgiving – play it on a big screen before dinner so everyone can watch the video together. Families can also rewatch the video the following Thanksgiving to see if and how everyone’s gratitude has changed in the past year.

3. Thanksgiving Cookbook

How does Aunt Joanie get her mashed potatoes so fluffy? And Uncle Mike’s stuffing? So delicious! 

Learn tips and tricks to favorite Thanksgiving recipes with video clips of loved ones making their favorite dish. Family and friends can prepare short videos showing prep (with pre-portioned ingredients), each step of the recipe, and the final delicious result. Combine all the video clips into a final Thanksgiving Cookbook video that everyone can enjoy! 

This is a wonderful gift idea for someone who recently moved out on their own or got married and will start Thanksgiving traditions in their home. 

4. THANK YOU: Teachers, Coaches, & Childcare Providers

Give thanks to those who go above and beyond in their service to others. Express your gratitude to a teacher, coach, or childcare provider by reaching out to the families who are lucky enough to have this special person in their life. Encourage parents and kids to let the recipient know why he or she is so special to them and how grateful they are. 

A Thanksgiving video for kids’ teachers, coaches, and childcare providers is a wonderful opportunity to thank these very important people and teach children about the gift of gratitude. 

5. THANK YOU: Customers, Volunteers, & Donors

One of the best ways to show your customers, volunteers, or donors how much you value them is through personalized messages and words of gratitude. 

Businesses can have management and other employees share how customer support helps their company grow and their staff thrive. Share a few company milestones and achievements along with firsthand stories from your team about why they enjoy working there and how much customers are appreciated.

Nonprofits and charities can let volunteers and donors know how much they’re valued by collecting messages of thanks from staff, board members, and – if possible – from clients who can share how the organization has directly impacted them. 

Businesses and nonprofits can email the final thank you video to their customers, volunteers, and donors along with warm Thanksgiving greetings. 

Whether you chose to say thank you, share a favorite recipe, or send thoughtful Thanksgiving greetings, create a Thanksgiving Group Video today to spread joy and make the holiday a happy one.