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Top 20 Memento Ideas

Let’s take a look at the different ways that you can use Memento for your group video.

Top 20 Memento Ideas

1. Engagement Congrats. One of our customers created an engagement congratulations video BEFORE he proposed! He gathered 99 congrats messages from loved ones, proposed, and then played a group video from all their friends and family. Check out the video below to see a snippet of the final video!

2. Charity Campaign Tool. A “Why I Support…” video is a meaningful way to show the public the impact your organization has on the community. Let donors, supporters, volunteers, employees, and those directly impacted by your work share why your charity is important so that others are inspired to give or volunteer. 

3. Birthday Party Surprise. Collect birthday well wishes from loved ones near and far before the recipient’s birthday and play the final video on a big screen at the birthday party! Everyone will love to see the recipient’s reaction and the birthday guy or gal will be so surprised to hear so many messages of love while surrounded by friends and family. 

4. Town Hall Q & A. Can’t meet in person for a forum or town hall meeting? Collect questions from community members and record public officials or experts answering those questions. Easily compile and arrange the video clips so each question is answered in turn, then send the final video out to constituents.  

5. Back to School Love. Celebrate the start of a new school year with well wishes for a student from loved ones or teachers. Family and friends can send their congrats and words of encouragement, or school staff and teachers can create a group video to welcome students back.

6. Valentine for Grandparent. Many of our grandparents may be widowed, and a sweet valentine group video from grandchildren or those in their community can really lift their spirits on a day that might otherwise go uncelebrated. 

7. Family Recipe Book. Gift someone special a collection of favorite family recipes. Extended family members can each prepare a short video showing prep (with pre-portioned ingredients), each step of the recipe, and the final delicious result!

8. Wedding Guest Book. Couples can create a wedding video guest book to preserve precious messages of love and create a personalized digital keepsake of their wedding. Easily collect well wishes from wedding guests and combine video clips into a group video that newlyweds can look back on as the years go by. 

9. Letter to Santa. Have kids in your friend group or extended family let Santa know what they want for Christmas this year for a priceless digital keepsake parents can cherish for years to come. Children can introduce themselves and let Santa know how old they are, if they've been good this year, and what’s on their Christmas list. BONUS: Have someone dress as Santa to record a special message for the kids at the end of the group video! 

10. Halloween Costume Parade. A fun way to celebrate Halloween with classmates or far-away friends and family is with a virtual costume parade. Parents can record a short video of their child introducing themselves, explaining what their costume is, and then parading or dancing around! Once all of the video clips have been submitted and combined, the final group video can be shared so that everyone can see their costumed friends strut their stuff.

11. Baby Shower Advice & Love. Having a baby is such an incredible reason to celebrate. When Josh and Laura were anticipating the arrival of their baby girl, friends and family prepared a baby shower group video for them, sharing insights and advice for the new parents to be!  

12. 1st Birthday Keepsake. Create a personalized digital keepsake of a child’s first birthday with well wishes from family and friends combined with video clips of precious birthday moments like singing “Happy Birthday” and first bites of birthday cake!  

13. Vacation Montage. Who wants to see boring old pictures of your trip to Ecuador? Organize your favorite vacation moments into a fun video montage so you easily share it with others and relive your trip years down the road. 

14. Gender Reveal. One of our customers mailed gender reveal cards to family and friends with instructions to make a video clip of themselves when they opened the envelope revealing the baby’s gender. She shared the final group video to everyone so they could see how each person reacted to the happy news! 

15. Retirement Congrats.  Make a retirement memorable with heartfelt well wishes from those nearest to the retiree. Current and former coworkers, colleagues, friends, and family can share their favorite memories of the retiree, reminisce about the good old days, thank them for their hard work, and wish them a happy retirement!

16. Recruiting Tool. In order to attract talent, it’s important to show candidates what your business can offer--not just in terms of the job itself but through your company culture, vision, and employees. Businesses can have key employees talk about why they enjoy working there to help put a human face to your company.

17. Thank You. One of our most popular Memento ideas is a “Thank You” video. Whether it’s for a teacher, coach, doctor, friend, volunteer, or family member, showing someone how much they mean to you and how grateful you are is the best gift you can give. 

18. Celebration of Life Tribute. Provide comfort and precious memories with a beautiful tribute video. Family and friends can share their favorite memories of a loved one for a heartwarming and touching way to honor a life well lived.

19. Wedding Anniversary Gift. Surprise your favorite couple (your parents, or your own spouse!) with a video offering congrats and heartfelt messages from loved ones. Whether it’s a 10th, 25th, or 50th wedding anniversary, a group video from family and friends is a meaningful way to mark such a special occasion. 

20. MLK Day Tribute. One of our customers created a beautiful collection of favorite Martin Luther King Jr. quotes from community members to celebrate his memory and the civil rights movement. What better way to honor such an important figure in American history than by showcasing his beliefs, hopes for the future, and wisdom in his own words!