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VidHug Is Now Memento!

Memento is everything that you loved about VidHug - and more! New name. New look. New family of brands. Say hello to Memento.

VidHug Is Now Memento!

VidHug Has a New Name - Memento! 

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Memento and to share the exciting news that VidHug was acquired by Punchbowl, Inc. 

Punchbowl® is a critically acclaimed technology platform that creates best-in-class digital solutions for events and celebrations. You may be familiar with the Online Invitations and Greeting Cards offered by Punchbowl. With the addition of Group Videos from Memento to the lineup, you’ll have everything you need to plan, celebrate, create, and share memories of your family’s most important celebrations. 

The Acquisition 

Timing is Everything

The VidHug platform was inspired by a joyful 70th birthday celebration. It was an easy way to create surprise birthday videos and include everyone in your celebration - even if they couldn’t attend in person. It helped to bring long distance friends and family closer.   

Zamir Khan, Founder
Zamir Khan, VidHug Founder

Over the past year, we all sought new ways to celebrate and support one another from a distance. More and more of you turned to virtual celebrations through group video, and shared more than 5 million video clips through our platform! In fact, that’s also when Matt Douglas found VidHug. Matt, the CEO of Punchbowl, Inc., began to examine the group “video montage” market. His great first impression of the platform inspired him to reach out to VidHug’s founder, Zamir Khan. 

The idea to expand upon what VidHug had built was incredibly intriguing and an exceptional fit with the growth strategy of Punchbowl. Soon, conversations became a negotiation, and Matt and Zamir agreed that Punchbowl would acquire VidHug.

Matt Douglas
Matt Douglas, CEO Punchbowl

“Zamir and I spent many many hours talking to each other before we embarked on this acquisition. This is a marriage of technology, teams, and ultimately a shared purpose: to help people celebrate.” - Matt

What Does This Mean?  

Everything You Love - And Room for More

You can feel confident that Memento will continue to offer the heartwarming experience that you loved about VidHug. You will still be able to login, create a group video, customize it exactly as you need, and share or download it as a keepsake. It’ll remain easy to use with great customer support, and your heartfelt efforts will be rewarded with everything from belly laughs to tears of joy! 

Our new name is just the beginning! Memento will offer fresh new ways to record, make, and preserve your memories. What we look forward to, now that we’ve shared our big news, is working on the features and improvements that the integration of the Punchbowl and Memento platforms can create. The merger of brilliant design, ease of use, and passionate team members will allow us to bring you the absolute best end-to-end celebration solutions.

What Do I Do Now? 

Keep Doing What You’re Doing! 

You’ll now login at www.memento.com instead of the VidHug address. If you have a VidHug group video in progress, the big difference that you may notice is that some of the colors in your Dashboard have changed. When you create your group video, you’ll see the Memento logo in the bottom right corner, instead of the VidHug logo. 

Try Memento

Man with son.

Signup for a new account! Our announcement comes just in time for you to make a group video to celebrate Father’s Day, or to show how proud you are with a Graduation group video. 

We offer a “Preview” experience with just 3 video clips so that you can see how easy it is to use Memento. And when you’re ready, you can unlock all of our features.

Take a Look at Punchbowl

Have you tried any of the other products offered by Punchbowl? Visit www.punchbowl.com to send an Online Invitation to gather friends & family for an upcoming event, or personalize a beautiful Digital Greeting Card for Father’s Day. 

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We’re always happy to hear from you! If you have any questions about Memento that we haven’t answered here, please Contact Us.