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10 Ways to Use Memento for the Holidays

The fall and winter are chock-full of fun holidays and celebrations. This year, enhance your holiday festivities with these creative ideas for Thanksgiving videos, Christmas videos, Hanukkah videos, and New Year’s videos.

10 Ways to Use Memento for the Holidays

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, & New Year’s Group Videos

This holiday season, celebrate with friends and family near and far and send your best wishes to loved ones with these unique group video ideas from Memento. 

Thanksgiving Video Ideas

Thanksgiving is all about sharing and celebrating the blessings of the past year. With this in mind, here are a few ideas for Thanksgiving videos for kids, family, and friends.

Gratitude Video. Have everyone in your extended family reflect on the past year and share what they’re most thankful for, then send the final group video to the whole family on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone will enjoy hearing what each relative has to say, especially those that are on the quieter side and typically don’t feel comfortable expressing their gratitude in front of others. Best of all, the video can be rewatched the following Thanksgiving to see if and how everyone’s gratitude has changed in the past year.

Thank You Video. Give thanks to those who go above and beyond in their service to others. Express your gratitude to a teacher, coach, or childcare provider by reaching out to the families who are lucky enough to have this special person in their life. Encourage parents and kids to let the recipient know why he or she is so special to them and how grateful they are. 

A Thanksgiving video for kids’ teachers, coaches, and childcare providers is a wonderful opportunity to thank these very important people and teach children about the gift of gratitude. 

Father & son baking together

Thanksgiving Cookbook Video. Can’t quite get Grandma’s pumpkin pie or Aunt Mary’s stuffing right despite following the recipe? Have friends and family record a video of themselves making a favorite Thanksgiving dish with all their tips and tricks! Loved ones can prepare short videos showing prep (with pre-portioned ingredients), each step of the recipe, and the final delicious result. Easily combine each video clip into a final Thanksgiving cookbook video that everyone can enjoy! This is an incredible gift for someone who has recently moved out on their own or gotten married, and beginning Thanksgiving traditions in their own home. 

Create a Thanksgiving Group Video.

Christmas Videos

Christmas is a season of giving and spending quality time with family and friends. What better way to celebrate the holiday than with a Merry Christmas video that brings loved ones together, captures priceless moments, and serves as a thoughtful gift. Let's take a look at a few Christmas video ideas that are sure to make the holidays merry and bright.

Santa Video. Capture a snapshot of time and preserve precious holiday memories with a group video to Santa Claus. Let all the kids in your friend group or extended family know that they’ll be sending a video to Santa this year instead of a letter. For each video clip, have the children introduce themselves and let Santa know how old they are and if they think they’ve been good this year. Kids can also share what they’re most excited about this Christmas and ask Santa any questions they have about his reindeer, elves, or Mrs. Claus. Combine the video clips into a group video that makes a perfect Christmas gift for grandparents or simply serves as a priceless digital keepsake for parents to replay and cherish for years to come. 

a little girl singing christmas carols into computer

BONUS: If you know someone with a Santa suit and beard who’d be willing to dress up as the big man himself, you can record a special message for the kids at the end of the group video! Santa can tell the children that he received their messages and hopes they’ll continue to be good little girls and boys, then wish them a very Merry Christmas. The children will be so surprised and excited to hear from Santa and parents will get a kick out of seeing their reactions.

Christmas Carol Video. A fun way to spread holiday cheer is through song! If you’re not able to sing door to door this year, have friends and family go Christmas caroling virtually! Loved ones can record themselves singing their favorite Christmas song dressed in their fanciest holiday attire or their ugliest Christmas sweater. Whether it’s a beautiful “Silent Night” or an upbeat “Jingle Bell Rock,” Christmas tunes sung by loved ones are sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Once the final group video is finished, it can be shared with participants or sent to someone special as a fun and meaningful gift.

Cookies & Cocktails Video. Everyone has a favorite holiday cookie from their childhood, and as adults, we can all appreciate a festive drink to get us in the holiday spirit. With this in mind, invite loved ones to share a recipe for their go-to holiday cocktail or cookie. Participants can record short videos of the ingredients needed for their drink or cookie along with step-by-step instructions on how to make it. The final group video can be shared before the holidays so that everyone can have plenty of time to try out different recipes. 

Want to share your experience making these recipes? Gather long-distance family and friends for a virtual holiday party and give everyone an opportunity to tell others how they’re cookies and cocktails turned out!

Let's get started! 

Chanukah (or Hanukkah) Videos

Whether you use the traditional Hebrew “Chanukah”, or the more popular “Hanukkah”, this seasonal Festival of Lights is a joyous occasion, and a Hanukkah video can help bring loved ones together to celebrate and take part in festivities. Check out these video ideas for Hanukkah music and gifts.

Chanukah Memory Video. A thoughtful Chanukah gift for someone special is to get friends and family to share a favorite Chanukah memory about this particular person. This is an especially meaningful gift for someone who might not be able to spend the holiday with loved ones. Participants can reminisce about past holidays spent with their special person, traditions they shared, or their favorite holiday memory. 

Lastly, if friends and family have a photo to accompany a specific memory or tradition they should share it in their video clip! The recipient will love to look back on past years’ celebrations, see pictures of loved ones, and hear from so many of their favorite people.

Family celebrating Hanukkah

Hanukkah Music Video. After lighting the menorah, it’s customary for everyone to sing some songs together. A fun way to incorporate this tradition into your festivities and bring long-distance friends and family together is through a Hanukkah music video. While “Maoz Tzur” is typically sung after the lighting of the candles, participants can also choose to sing other favorites like “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah” and “Light One Candle,” or fun tunes like “The Latke Song” and “I Have a Little Dreidel.” 

Not excited to sing? Get out that guitar and strum along! No matter how you choose to participate, friends and family will appreciate the fact that they are able to share and connect with loved ones through music during this special holiday. 

Take a look at some more Holiday group video ideas! 

New Year’s Videos

The end of a year is the perfect time to reflect on the past twelve months and all those who helped make it special. Celebrate and send New Year’s Eve greetings to loved ones with these New Year’s Eve video ideas.  

Favorite Moments Video. Have your friend group or extended family share their favorite memories of the past year. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to share family news and exciting updates. Participants can treat loved ones to a quick glimpse of their year by highlighting meaningful milestones, funny stories, or important accomplishments. Friends and family will appreciate seeing everyone’s smiling faces and hearing about their special moments, especially if they can’t celebrate with loved ones during the holidays.

Group of adults toasting to the New Year

Toast Video. Bring in the New Year with thoughtful sentiments and wishes from friends and family. Loved ones can record themselves giving toasts that touch on the challenges of the past year or focus solely on the year to come. Whether they’re heartfelt and inspirational or lighthearted and funny, a collection of toasts from those dear to you is a meaningful way to welcome the New Year together. 

A fun twist on this toast video is to have participants dress as a famous figure from the past year (sports superstars, celebrities, entertainers, blockbuster movies stars, or those involved in a political catastrophe!). Have friends and family think about what their famous figure would say about the past year and then come up with a toast for their year ahead. Everyone will enjoy seeing their loved ones’ impressions and creative New Year’s toasts!

Whether you choose to create a video for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s, be sure to share the final video link in a festive online greeting card perfect for any holiday. Family and friends are sure to appreciate the warm holiday wishes and one-of-a-kind video!