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8 Winning Ideas for Sports Team Videos

Capture important moments and make memories with these ideas for team videos, including “get to know you” videos, teamwork videos, and tips on how to make a sports highlight video.

8 Winning Ideas for Sports Team Videos

What Makes a Great Team Video? 

Great team videos can say hello, good luck, or thank you to teammates, coaches, and parents in a meaningful way. They can also be used to inspire players and create a digital keepsake of moments big and small. 

Great team videos, like those made with Memento, are personalized and ensure that everyone can participate and contribute. Memento’s team video maker makes it easy to invite others to submit video clips, edit all the clips together, and create a memorable video that they’ll look back on fondly years later. 

Not sure how to make a great team video? Here are a few tips to help get you started:

  • Don’t limit yourself. Keep in mind that, in addition to videos for sports team members, many of the ideas below can be used for other activities such as Girl Scouts, drama club, and more. 
  • Make it your own. Add a brief message in the intro or closing of the video, include background music, and even customize the video’s colors to match your team colors. 
  • Have fun with it! Remember the video doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.  

Ready to dive in? Let’s take a look at a few ideas for team videos that any athlete, coach, and fan will love!

1. Get to Know You Videos

Start the season off right by getting to know your team. Have each coach and team member introduce themselves, share what they love most about their sport, what they’re most excited about this season, and one fun or silly fact about themselves.

This is a great way to break the ice and build connections before your team even hits the field.

2. Team-building & Teamwork Videos

Team-building videos are perfect for pre-season bonding or or mid-season slumps when everyone could use a little pick-me-up. Coaches can find a favorite inspirational sports story of theirs and–without sharing it with the team–give each member a few random sentences from the story to recite and record. 

Once everyone has submitted their video clips, easily arrange them into the correct order so that the story makes sense. Before sharing it with the team, record a final video clip that explains why you chose that particular story and how working together as a team can help create something special.

3. Good Luck Videos

Got a big championship game coming up? Give your players a serious confidence boost with well wishes from parents, coaches, volunteers, administrators, club or school alumni, and other team supporters. Your players will appreciate all of the support and encouragement that will no doubt give them the courage to tackle the challenge ahead!

4. “Thanks, Coach!” Videos 

Coaches teach, inspire, and help players grow, oftentimes on and off the field. At the end of the season, have each player thank their coach for all of their hard work and support.

Each team member can share their favorite thing about their coach or something they’ve learned that’s made them a better player or person.

5. “Thanks, parents!” Videos 

Coaches aren’t the only ones who dedicate a serious amount of time to supporting their team. Whether it’s driving kids to practices, giving up their Sundays for away games, or making sure everyone has water, sunscreen, and orange slices, parents deserve some love too! Coaches can help each player record a thank you message during a practice that lets moms and dads know how much they’re appreciated.

6. Graduating Senior Tribute Videos

Say goodbye and thank you to high school or college senior athletes with a moving tribute video from coaches, teammates, and parents. Each video participant can let the seniors know how much they'll be missed, thank them for their contributions to the team, and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

Include a few short clips of the seniors playing over the years for a nice trip down memory lane. 

7. Season Highlight Videos

Capture important moments throughout the season and chronicle your team’s journey from the first game to the last with a highlight video. Luckily, you don’t need complicated sports highlight video editing software to do this! Just upload your favorite moments from the season to Memento and easily rearrange the video clips in chronological order or group them together in categories like most exciting goals, funniest celebrations, and best defensive plays. 

Video organizers can also record short intros for each highlight or category to help introduce the video clips. No matter how you choose to make your video, your team will enjoy watching it to relive their time together and see how far they’ve progressed!

8. College Recruiting Videos

If you’ve got a serious athlete on your hands who dreams of playing at the next level, put together a highlight video for college coaches that demonstrates their skills. Upload clips of game highlights, customize the video’s intro with the athlete’s name, hometown, team name, and jersey number, then add one or two brief testimonies from a high school and or club coach for a personal touch. Note: College coaches are very busy so your video should be 3-5 minutes max

Whether you choose to capture season highlights, work on team building, or say thank you, do something special for your team, coach, or parents with a team video they’ll cherish for years to come!