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First Birthday Gift Ideas

Turning one is a big deal. Celebrate big time with these first birthday ideas and unique 1st birthday gifts.

First Birthday Gift Ideas

1st Birthday Ideas

It’s an incredible experience for parents to witness the rapid growth and development of their little one, which makes first birthdays truly momentous occasions that deserve to be celebrated! 

If you’re the proud parent, you can start planning their celebration by browsing our 1st Birthday Invitation collection. Choose the perfect online invite to go with your party theme, customize and send it instantly, and watch the RSVPs roll in!

first birthday invitations

Once you’ve selected your theme for the party, it’ll help guide you in your selection of party decor, food, and even birthday cake choices.   

A wonderful way to mark this important milestone is with gifts. Whether you need ideas for first birthday gifts from grandparents or 1st birthday present ideas for your niece, nephew, or own child, we’ve got you covered!

1st Birthday Gifts

first birthday

Although gifts for 1st birthday parties likely won’t be remembered by the recipient, parents will still appreciate the thought and effort put into the present. Here are some tried and true 1st birthday gift ideas to help get you started.

  • A wooden block set (stack ‘em up and knock ‘em down!)
  • Books you loved in your own childhood
  • A small outdoor slide
  • An interactive walker to encourage cruising
  • A zoo membership
  • A college fund donation 
  • A mini piano to make beautiful music
  • A shape sorter (little ones love puzzles!)
  • A soft, plush baby doll
  • A colorful truck with rounded edges
first birthday cards

Can’t attend the party? Send a thoughtful digital birthday card to wish the little one a happy birthday. Once you choose the perfect ecard, customize the font, text color, envelope liner, and stamp and easily email or text ecards right from your phone. You can even schedule delivery of the card in advance and include an online gift card for an extra special touch. 

Unique Gifts for One Year Old

Unique and meaningful gifts for one-year-old babies should be thoughtful and special. Take some time to think about what parents would need and appreciate and/or what the baby will grow to love as they get older. Here are some unique first birthday gift ideas to consider. 

Photo Shoot. If it’s okay with parents, pay for a professional photographer to take pics at the birthday party. The photographer can capture special moments throughout the day, including the all-important birthday cake (or the super trendy cake smash) shots!  Alternatively, you can gift a photo shoot session with a professional on a day of the parents’ choosing. This way, parents can pick a day and time that works best for them and schedule the session at their convenience. Either way, a professional photographer can capture photos that can be treasured forever. 

Personalized Gifts. Personalized first birthday gifts will be appreciated by both parents and (eventually!) kids. A monogrammed blanket, piggy bank, or photo album are all thoughtful gifts for a first birthday. Another great gift is a puzzle name stool; not only does it allow tiny tots to reach the sink, but they get to remove the letters of their name and put them back together again!  Another fun personalized gift is a wooden growth chart with the baby's name and photo so parents can chart their little one’s growth. 

Birthday Keepsakes

A birthday keepsake is a meaningful gift that helps capture precious memories and moments. Here are a few ideas for inspiration. 

baby blocks personalized gift

Baby Keepsake Box. If parents could, they’d hang on to all of their baby's firsts: ultrasound pics, a first outfit, a favorite blanket and book, first haircut pics, and more! Luckily, keepsake boxes let parents keep these memories intact and in one place. There are several different types of keepsake boxes you can buy, including boxes made of gorgeous carved wood, sterling silver, and others made to look like cute, oversized baby books. Many boxes can be engraved, which adds an extra special touch to your gift. 

Video Keepsake.  For a memorable first birthday, have family and friends create video clips sending warm birthday wishes and sharing their favorite memory of the baby from the past year. Easily combine the clips into a thoughtful group video that helps capture and preserve precious memories that can be replayed and cherished for years to come. While it’s true that babies won’t remember most first birthday gifts, this personalized digital keepsake is something they’ll never forget. 

Whether you go with unique first birthday gifts or classic, tried and true presents, remember that the best first birthday gifts are those from the heart and you can’t go wrong!