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Gifts for Grandchildren from Grandparents

Want to find the perfect birthday gift for your grandkid? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at these gift ideas for granddaughters, grandsons, first birthdays, and keepsakes for grandchildren.

Gifts for Grandchildren from Grandparents

Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandchildren 

Grandchildren mean the world to grandparents and birthdays are perfect opportunities to show them how much they’re loved. However, finding the right gift can be challenging.

As kids get older, their interests and hobbies change and it can be difficult to keep track of who’s into what. When brainstorming, grandparents should do some research on popular kids toys and ask parents what their kids enjoy (they know their children best, after all!). Finally, remember that birthday gifts don’t need to be expensive or over the top. A simple, thoughtful gift from the heart will be appreciated!

Still not sure where to start? Let’s take a look at some birthday gift ideas for grandchildren for inspiration. 

First Birthday Gifts from Grandparents

First birthdays are a big deal. Here are a few types of gifts to get you thinking about first birthday present ideas for your grandchild. 

young boy playing with wooden train

Toys. No kid can turn down a toy, regardless of their age. Grandparents should invest in high-quality toys that will survive mouthing, drooling, and dropping. Interactive toys in bright colors that make noises are excellent for infants and their development. A soft, plush baby doll that makes a rattle or crinkling sound is ideal, as is a simple and colorful dump truck with round edges. Be sure to look for toys that are specifically marked for "Ages 1-3” and if you’re still not sure what to buy, ask the parents! They’ll have plenty of age-appropriate ideas.

Personalized Gifts. Items like photo albums or picture frames engraved with your grandchild’s name allow parents to keep pictures and memories of their baby’s first year. Personalized clothing, blankets, and piggy banks are also thoughtful gifts for a first birthday. These types of gifts can also be personalized with the baby’s photo, birth date, and initials.

Need more help? Check out these additional first birthday gift ideas.

Granddaughter Gifts from Grandparents

girl with telescope

Here are some thoughtful birthday gift ideas grandparents can give their granddaughter, from toddler to teen: 

  • Dress-up play clothes to let her imagination run wild
  • A season of Dance or Gymnastic classes - the gift that keeps on giving!
  • An art easel with plenty of paints, markers, and paper
  • A subscription to her favorite magazine or publication
  • A telescope - help her aim for the stars
  • Concert tickets to her favorite band
  • High quality wireless headphones
  • A mani/pedi day with Grandma 

Gifts for Grandson from Grandma & Grandpa

boy playing with legos

Not sure what to get your grandson for his birthday? Check out these gift ideas to help get you started: 

  • Lego blocks to add to his collection
  • A backpack filled with a compass, water bottle, and outdoors book 
  • Sports gear or a t-shirt from their favorite team
  • A multi-player laser tag game
  • Tickets to a favorite sporting event 
  • Handheld game consoles to keep him entertained
  • A round of golf with Grandpa

Activities with Grandchildren

There's nothing better than nurturing the relationship with grandchildren by spending time together! I have precious memories with my grandparents, from constantly begging my parents to let me have sleepovers, to walking hand-in-hand with Grandpa to get an ice cream. These precious moments are so special to grandparents as the grandkids get older and more independent and - perhaps more importantly - mean everything to us once our grandparents are no longer with us.

In today's tech-heavy culture, it can be a challenge to tear the grandchildren away from video game consoles, laptops, and cellphones - but the rewards are endless. Take a look at these great ideas on activities that you can do without leaving home! Or maybe a little excursion is just right - take a visit to a splash pad with a picnic lunch, a weekend at the cottage, or even a trip to the toy store - where the grandchild gets to pick out their own birthday gift!

Keepsakes for Grandchildren

Keepsakes are meaningful gifts for birthdays because they’re meant to honor a specific occasion or time in someone’s life. Let’s take a look at some keepsake gift ideas for grandchildren. 

child holding a jewelry locket necklace

Jewelry. Many grandparents gift their grandchildren jewelry that they own or that their families have owned for generations. A family pocket watch or heirloom necklace are especially meaningful gifts that your grandchild can hold on to and cherish forever. 

Grandparents can also purchase new jewelry for a grandchild’s birthday. A watch, bracelet, or pendant with your grandchild’s initials, birthstone, or a message of love are all gifts that will help commemorate a special birthday.

Video Keepsake. Grandparents can make a thoughtful group video to record precious messages of love and create a personalized digital keepsake of their grandchild’s birthday. Easily collect video clips from family and friends sending birthday well wishes and combine the clips into a group video that your grandchild will cherish. This modern keepsake can preserve special birthday memories and will be something that your grandchild can look back on as the years go by. 

No matter what you get your grandchild for their special day, if you put some thought into the gift and it comes from the heart, there’s no doubt that they will have a very happy birthday!