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How to Create the Best Happy Birthday Video

Find out how to transform your happy birthday videos from boring to brilliant.

How to Create the Best Happy Birthday Video

Birthday Video Messages

Video birthday messages and cards are the latest trend to take the greetings world by storm. They add the wow factor to celebrations and offer a unique way to send birthday wishes to family, friends, or colleagues.

A tailormade happy birthday group video is the perfect keepsake and it doubles as a one-of-a-kind gift. Personalized, well-thought-out messages can make the recipient laugh their socks off or even bring a tear to their eye, and unlike paper cards or e-cards, it is something that they’ll never forget. Plus, they can watch it over and over and keep hold of it forever.

From rallying a crowd to singing a song, check out our easy tips and suggestions for how to make the best video birthday card possible.

Send a Video Message from a Group

The More the Merrier

Whether you’re recording a single message or combining multiple video clips into a montage, the best happy birthday group videos often involve a crowd. To make a big birthday - such as a 30th birthday party - even better, go all out and rally together siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, old school friends, colleagues, and anyone else you can think of. Adding kids into the mix usually has hilarious, heart-warming results.

little girl watching birthday video

While you can create a group video montage yourself (if you have the editing software), it can take up all your time and end up being more stressful than it’s worth, while outsourcing it to a professional will put a deep hole in your pocket. Creating a group video is a surprisingly easy and affordable way to create something unforgettable in minutes. It’s zero stress and a lot of fun! 

It’s also easy to invite friends and family, and anyone else on your list by sharing the Record & Upload link from your event page. Don’t forget to share the tips and suggestions in this article for making the best birthday video message.

Birthday Video Tips

Keep it a Secret

If you’re hoping for maximum impact for your birthday video card, make sure you let everyone know they need to avoid letting the cat out of the bag. This way, when the recipient sees it on their special day, they’ll get the biggest birthday surprise.

Get Creative

The best happy birthday video cards are the ones where you use your imagination. The more creative and fun you make your video birthday message, the more impact it will have. Amp things up with these suggestions:

Grab Some Props

man with fun birthday props

Put on silly hats, feather boas, garlands, and whistles to make some noise and create the best party atmosphere for your happy birthday group video. (The kids will love this one too.) 

Top tip: Raid your kids’ dress-up bin.

Switch Up the Location

For maximum fun, play around with your location. Record a birthday video message on the slopes, underwater, on a swing, or even upside down. 

Celebrity Shoutout

If you want to take the birthday surprise to another level, add a celebrity message to your video card. Occasionally you might get lucky by trying to get in touch with the person’s fave celeb on Twitter. However, a way easier option is to use a service like Cameo, which offers access to famous actors, musicians, athletes, and more.

What to Say in a Birthday Video Message

When you’re facing a camera, you might get the jitters when filming a happy birthday video, so it’s best to prepare something in advance and even use some notes. Here are some suggestions to help you:

Use a Quote

If you’re not sure what to say in a video birthday card, a quote will come in very handy. Whether you want something inspirational or thought-provoking, or you long to make the recipient laugh, you can find thousands of possibilities if you search up “birthday quotes” on the web.

Share a Memory or Anecdote

older woman making video

A video birthday card offers the perfect opportunity to reminisce. Perhaps, you have a good memory or two, a funny story, or an inside joke to tell. It could be about the first time you met or an adventure you had together. Don’t forget to bring out some old photos to show while you talk.

Tell a Joke

If you’re feeling camera shy, sometimes all you need is a silly joke and you’re onto a winner. This is an easy option for a happy birthday video that will make the recipient roar with laughter, and kids will love joining in with too. 

Need some inspiration? Check out these funny birthday wishes and jokes.

Sing a Song

Singing a song in your video birthday card is a fun way to bring a smile to someone’s face. It can be as simple as the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, or you could belt out a few lyrics of their favorite pop song. If you’re not a fan of singing out loud, then lip-synching can be just as effective.

Tell Them Why They're Awesome

Max out the feel-good factor and show the birthday girl or boy how much you care by letting them know what you love or admire about them in your happy birthday video message, perhaps including some of their achievements or how they inspire you.

man watching birthday video

Be Yourself

Remember, the most important thing when recording a birthday video message is to relax and have some fun. If you’re feeling self-conscious, make sure you do some practice runs. The more you do, the more relaxed you will be. For extra giggles, our group video maker also allows you to add bloopers to your happy birthday group video.