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How to Make a Customer Testimonial Video for Your Business

Want to increase your company’s visibility and attract more customers? Read on for tips on how to create a customer testimonial video for your business.

How to Make a Customer Testimonial Video for Your Business

Customer Testimonial Video: Why It’s Important + How to Make One 

Are you looking for ways that you can grow your business, digitally? Just like a word-of-mouth referral, ratings and reviews are a powerful way to build confidence in your products or services. A testimonial video is a powerful marketing tool that utilizes your company’s customers to help spread the word about your business and what it offers. Video testimonials let customers share why they use your product or service, how it helps them solve a problem, and other reasons they support your business. 

Not only do testimonial videos allow customers to share positive experiences they’ve had with your company, they can provide valuable insight to potential customers who are shopping around. Video testimonials also build credibility and trust. In fact, 72% of consumers say positive testimonials make them trust a business more. This trust ultimately helps convert more potential customers into buyers: 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

But why bother with a client testimonial video when you can just use written customer reviews? When potential customers can actually see the face and hear the voice behind the testimony, it becomes much more effective, powerful, and authentic than a few written sentences that are often anonymous or initialed at best.

Luckily, Memento makes it easy to collect video clips and create a group video testimonial. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to create the best customer testimonial video for your company. 

How to Make a Testimonial Video with Memento

Let’s take a look at how to set up, edit, and customize a testimonial group video and the best way to ask your customers to share a few words about why they support your business.

Set Up Your Group Video Testimonial

It’s easy to set up a group video to collect testimonials. Here’s a quick how-to.

  • Pick an Occasion to view themed backgrounds you can choose for your group video 
  • Add a Title for a short description of your group video. 
  • Pick a Due Date for when you’d like to receive everyone’s video clips. 
  • Add a Description to explain why you’re making the video. See below for tips on how to ask for a video testimonial. 
  • Upload an optional Feature Image to make your request more personal. This can be a photo of the business founder or the company’s logo. 

Once you set up your group video page, you can invite contributors to submit videos a few different ways. Either: 

  • add email addresses and phone numbers so Memento can send an invite by email or text, or
  • copy your unique group video link and share it through your own email, text, or messaging app.

How to Ask For a Video Testimonial

It’s important to take some time to consider who you’d like to ask to contribute to your video. There are a few different ways to ask for video submissions: you can reach out to all of your customers, review their video submissions, and pick the best ones for the final video, or you could select a few customers who you consider to be your biggest supporters (tip: take a look at anyone who has already left your company a positive review online).

Once you’ve determined who you’d like to reach out to, take a moment to craft a message to send your customers. Keep it short, simple, and sweet. In other words, let customers know what you want in a succinct and gracious manner. Here’s an example of a message you can send to clients and customers. 

Sample Message

"Hi Tate Street Bakery customers! I’d greatly appreciate it if you would take a moment to help spread the word about the bakery. Positive testimonials from wonderful customers like you help others find us and become lifelong fans. Record a video message with a few words about why you love us: memento.com/tate-street/record. THANK YOU!"

What to Say in a Video Testimonial

In your message to customers, include some questions and prompts to help them with their testimonial. Below are a few ideas.

10 Customer Testimonial Video Prompts

  1. Tell us about your experience with the business.
  2. Would you recommend the business to others?
  3. What is your favorite thing about the business?
  4. Tell us about a positive experience.
  5. Why are you a repeat customer?
  6. What does this business do differently?
  7. What is your favorite product or service?
  8. Share your first interaction with the business.
  9. What makes this business stand out?
  10. Describe the business to a potential customer.

Collect, Organize & Edit Video Clips

Once you invite your customers to contribute to the group video, you can start to collect, organize, and edit video clips. 

Every time someone submits a new video clip, you’ll get an email notification so you can review each clip, easily discard accidental duplicate clips, or trim videos that are too long.


You can rearrange clips, too! Simply drag and drop clips into the order you’d like them to appear in the final group video. 


Customize Your Testimonial Video

Make your testimonial video extra special with colors and a logo. Easily add background colors to customize the color palette for your group video: simply choose from a selection of available background colors or enter a specific color's HTML code. 

You can also easily upload a logo to your video to help increase brand awareness and credibility.

Share Your Testimonial Video


Once you’ve completed your customization, click “Create” to start the group video making process. When the video is finished, you’ll receive an email with a link to your final testimonial video. Be sure to send the video to everyone who participated along with a note of thanks. 

Here are a few places you should consider adding your video:

  • Email Marketing: Remind those on your email list why they support your company and keep potential leads engaged.
  • Social Media: Get the word out to your followers and beyond through posts or paid ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or other outlets that will help you expand your reach.
  • Review Sites: Many sites where customers can leave reviews, like Yelp and your Google Business Profile, allow companies to upload their own videos. Adding a video testimonial to these sites can help you control and shape your brand’s narrative. 

Let the world know about your company! Create a customer testimonial video today to inform others, build trust, and ultimately grow your business. 


P.S.- When your customer testimonial video is complete, consider creating an employee testimonial video to showcase your work culture and attract top job candidates.