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How To Make A Great Happy Birthday Video

Looking for birthday video ideas? Want to send a happy birthday video gift to someone special? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you through your options and help you put a big smile on the face of your loved one!

How To Make A Great Happy Birthday Video

So, you found us because you're looking for ideas on how to make a great and memorable birthday group video? Welcome - we're here to help! Whether you want to make a funny happy birthday video or a touching and heartfelt group video, Memento offers the best-in-class easy and affordable Happy Birthday video maker.

Make a Happy Birthday Video

Quick + Free = Thoughtless

There are numerous apps and websites out there that will let you choose a meme/gif/animation, slap some text on there, and send it off. They’re fast and free, but here’s rule #1: best friends don’t send cat gifs to celebrate a birthday.

gif of flying cat
Don’t. Just don’t.

Gifts or gestures of friendship, for birthdays or any special occasion are measured by the effort involved. There's a reason for that expression "it's the thought that counts!" In other words, sending a cheesy animation is barely better than posting “HBD!” on their Facebook wall.

Facebook wall birthday message
Does anyone remember these messages??

So if this birthday wish is for a forgettable acquaintance, then go ahead, but if it’s someone special who deserves more than just a momentary smirk or a chuckle, keep reading.

Personal is Meaningful

why can't you teleport here animation
Long distance is hard! 

Odds are, if you’re making a birthday video, it’s because you aren’t able to celebrate in-person. Whether you're celebrating a birthday for your partner in a long distance relationship, a friend who is away at school, a business associate, or even a loved on on a military deployment, shouting “Happy Birthday!” with a face-to-face smile and a hug is sometimes just not possible.

woman in wheelchair smiling and waving into video
You're the star! 

Just because you can’t be in the same place, doesn’t mean you can’t create something that is absolutely perfectly suited to the recipient. Whether they'll respond better to sweet and sincere, or dripping in sarcastic humor, the fact that you're putting the effort into making something just for them makes it personal and heartfelt. So, if you’re going to send them a video, your beautiful smiling face should be in it!

The More The Merrier

“You want me to send a video of… me?!”

Yes! Well… kind of (and not that kind of video!). You see, sending a video of just yourself is like the long-distance equivalent of a smile and a hug; it’s nice. It's thoughtful. And sometimes just seeing your face and hearing your voice can lift their spirits. But guess what... birthday video greetings can be SO. MUCH. BETTER!

Here’s the key: there's power in numbers. Ever been part of a surprise party? Then you know the emotional impact of the realization that a whole group of people showed up just for you. What if you could deliver that same feeling in a video? Boom! Tears of joy incoming.

Surprise parties are amazing!

DIY = “DI-Why??”

So you’re convinced that a surprise birthday group video is the way to go. Good! You can even make it yourself. It can’t be that hard, right?! People have been making them for years. Problem: here’s what those people have…

  • Powerful computer for video editing
  • Video editing software (iMovie on Mac, or Microsoft Photos on Windows)
  • Video editing skills
  • A DropBox or Google Drive account to receive videos
  • Ability to guide family & friends through technical issues
  • Enough hard drive space for all the videos (at least a few GB)
  • LOTS of time for support, editing, etc. (put aside 5-10 hours)

Still want to do it yourself? We didn’t think so. Fortunately, you've found Memento and it does the work for you! You just have to invite friends and family. :) 

How to Start a Birthday Group Video

Memento will help you make a Happy Birthday group video. It was literally created to help make this easy for you:

  1. Go ahead and click one of our "Create a Group Video" buttons.
  2. Create an account and add a bit of information about the group video that you want to create.
  3. Invite people to join. They'll receive the instructions - but if you want, you can include special requests like "Tell the birthday boy your best joke!" or "Share your favorite memory with the birthday girl!"
  4. Have Participants record their video clips on their phone or webcam (no sign-up required!)
  5. The Memento platform "automagically" puts it all together for you in a big feel-good surprise group video!

Why send something impersonal when you can create incredible, meaningful memories like this?

Birthday Video Ideas

You've started your group video and you've invited friends and family to participate. Now what? What does everyone say or do in their video clip? Of course, we could give you quotes from a Hallmark card and tell you to read those out loud, but what we've seen is that the best reactions come from the video clips that have personal memories or meanings.

Here are some thought starters: 

Have a Funny Theme

Have everyone share a favorite memory with the birthday boy/girl. Think "One Time at Band Camp..."

Check out these funny birthday video ideas.

Dress Up

Sure, maybe it's a bit cheesy - but if everyone gets involved it'll be really fun! Put on silly hats or wigs or use fun birthday props while you share your birthday messages.

Get the Kids and the Pets Involved

Everyone loves an adorable puppy! Or a sweet little toddler saying "Happy Birthday". Get clips of the little ones into the group video, and it'll be sure to create some smiles.

Be Sincere

"I miss you."

"I wish we could be together for your birthday."

"I love you."

"You're the best thing in my life and I can't wait to celebrate in person."

"You're crazy, little brother, but you're still my favorite!"

Whatever you feel in your heart is the right thing to say - say it! They'll appreciate it.

That's it!  In order to make a great birthday group video, involve as many friends, family members, colleagues, or pets who are special to the person you're celebrating. Record a quick heartfelt video, and let Memento do the rest. It may just be the best few dollars that you've ever spent!