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Long-Distance Gifts for Special Occasions

Sometimes we can’t be with the ones we love on special occasions. Let a far-away friend or relative know you’re thinking of them with these long-distance gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthdays.

Long-Distance Gifts for Special Occasions

Long-Distance Gifts for Your Valentine, Mom, Dad, & Birthday Bud

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but so does a really good gift! Whether a loved one has gone away to college, relocated for a job, or moved across the country to retire, gifts can be a thoughtful way to stay connected and let them know you care. This year, celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a birthday from afar with these long-distance gift ideas.

Long-Distance Gifts for Any Occasion

Send Mother’s Day or Father’s Day greetings, warm birthday wishes, or Valentine’s Day love with these long-distance gift ideas.

Digital Greeting & Gift Cards

Send sweet online Valentine’s Day cards to your partner, son, daughter, or friend; heartfelt Mother's Day eCards to your mom, daughter, friend, and grandma; thoughtful and funny digital Father's Day cards to the dads and father-figures in your life; and online birthday cards to all your favorite people. Browse gorgeous eCards, customize your favorite design, and send by email or text. Best of all, you can include a digital gift card in your eCard as an extra special surprise! 

Video Gift

Stay connected to a long-distance loved one and lift their spirits with a thoughtful group video gift. Capture messages of love from family and friends with a heartwarming birthday video or Valentine’s Day video for someone special, or have your kids, siblings, and their children contribute to a Mother’s or Father’s Day video for a parent. All the video clips can be easily combined into a touching final video that the recipient will treasure no matter what the occasion!

Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s tough to be away from someone you love on Valentine’s Day. Say “I love you” and brighten someone’s day with these ideas for long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts. 

cartoon portrait of woman

Custom Cartoon Portraits

Have a photo of the two of you made into a favorite cartoon or anime character! There are plenty of companies and artists online who will create beautiful or funny cartoon portraits from your pic. Simply send them a favorite photo and any important details you’d like the artist to know, and a one-of-a-kind caricature will be sent your way! The portrait is sure to put a big smile on your loved one’s face every time they see it on their wall. 


Touch Bracelets

Thanks to the power of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and smartphones, touch bracelets let you feel physically connected to your loved one no matter where they are in the world. The bracelets come in several different colors and styles, and always as a set of two. When you tap your bracelet, your partner’s bracelet will lightly buzz and light up in a color of your choice, letting them know that you’re thinking of them. Your partner can send a tap back to you, call, or text in response. It’s a perfect way to let your partner know they’re on your mind!


Digital Picture Frame

Send a loved one warm memories and smiles with a digital photo frame. Easily add favorite images to the frame to remind your partner that they’re loved and missed. The best feature of this gift is that you can upload photos from afar so that your partner can continuously be surprised by different images!  


Long-Distance Mother’s Day Gifts

If you can’t be by your mom’s side this Mother’s Day, send her something special to let her know how much she’s appreciated. 

woman relaxed while reading.

Book Subscription

A book of the month subscription is the perfect gift for any bibliophile mom. An even better idea: get the same subscription for yourself so you can read the latest best-seller at the same time and chat about it afterwards!

“Why I Love Mom” Book

There are several books out there that provide prompts to help people write about what they love most about their mother, either through a fill–in-the-blank or journal format. This is a wonderful way to give the gift of gratitude and let Mom know that she’s appreciated even though you’re miles apart. 

Projection Photo Necklace

Let Mom keep a favorite pic of her kids or grandkids close to her heart with a projection photo necklace. These necklaces have a tiny photo hidden inside a pendant and can be viewed when they’re projected under a light. They’re a sweet way to capture beautiful memories!

Long-Distance Father’s Day Gifts

Let your dad know how much he means to you with these long-distance Father’s Day gift ideas. 

Streaming Service

Give Dad a subscription to a popular entertainment streaming service so he can stay on top of the latest movies and shows. Treat yourself to the same streaming service so that you can bond while watching your favorite films or TV series together!

Clothing Subscription

If your dad has been wearing the same clothes since before you were born, help him snazz up his style with a monthly clothing subscription. Clothing subscription boxes give recipients their own personal stylist to find and send them clothes and accessories that match their size and style, so dads can look and feel great without ever leaving home! 

Desktop Photo Calendar

Treat Dad to a personalized calendar that features favorite family photos from over the years. He’ll look forward to seeing a new pic each month, reliving warm memories, and he’s sure to never forget any birthdays, anniversaries, or other important dates! 

Long-Distance Birthday Gifts

Let a far-away friend or family member know they’re in your thoughts with these long-distance birthday gift ideas.

Letters to Open When

Give the birthday honoree heartfelt words of love exactly when they need it the most. “Letters to Open When” is a small booklet of letters with envelopes that each have their own prompt like “Open when you need a good laugh,” “Open when you’re looking for inspiration,” or “Open when you need to make a big decision.” Simply use the prompts to write letters filled with fond memories or words of wisdom, encouragement, and support, then seal them for future opening! This is a truly unique gift that can provide some much-needed comfort, laughter, and cheer to a long-distance friend.

Homemade Sweets

Everyone deserves a little treat on their birthday, especially if it’s made from scratch by a loved one. Whip up a batch of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite cookies or brownies, wrap them up securely, and mail them off! Your special person will be so happy to receive such a thoughtful and yummy gift. 


Virtual Escape Room

If the birthday boy or girl loves games and riddles, get them a gift card for a virtual escape room experience. Play with just the birthday honoree or get a group of friends together to solve different puzzles in real-time. This is a fun gift that lets long-distance friends and family spend quality time with each other. What could be better than that? 


Celebrating a long-distance birthday or holiday with a loved one might take some effort, but it’s well worth it. Remember that even if you can’t be with them in person, you can still be there in spirit with thoughtful and unique gifts.