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How to Celebrate World Gratitude Day at Work & Home

Learn more about World Gratitude Day and the different ways you can celebrate with employees and loved ones.

 How to Celebrate World Gratitude Day at Work & Home

What is World Gratitude Day? 

Celebrated annually on September 21st, World Gratitude Day was created by the United Nations Meditation Group to encourage people to find something to be grateful for, big or small. The idea for the holiday came about in 1965 during a Thanksgiving dinner at an international gathering in Hawaii.

Today, World Gratitude Day is an opportunity for individuals and organizations to celebrate and practice gratitude, which has been shown to help make people feel more at peace, experience less stress, and be happier in our daily lives.

So how can you celebrate this holiday at your workplace or home? Let’s take a look at a few World Gratitude Day activities for employees and loved ones. 

World Gratitude Day Ideas for Work & Home

Read on for World Gratitude Day celebration ideas that can be used for both employees and families! 

Digital Greeting Cards

Share your gratitude with thoughtful online Thank You Cards and Employee Appreciation eCards! Browse a wide range of beautiful designs, customize the message inside the card, include a gift card, and add a heartfelt video message for an extra personal touch. When you’re done, send your card from your phone or any digital device. 

Thank You Group Video

Tell someone how much you appreciate them with a group video that lets everyone share their gratitude and thanks. Collect video messages for teachers from their students; coaches from their team; daycare providers from kids and parents; and military members from their community. 

Want to thank your staff? Create a thank you video for employees from their supervisors and senior management. Whoever the recipient is, they’ll be touched to hear so many thoughtful messages of thanks!

Small Gifts

Whether you want to thank a helpful neighbor or your company’s receptionist, tokens of appreciation can go a long way. Here are a few small gifts you can give to friends, family, or employees.

  • Succulent plants are perfect gifts for an employee’s desk or a loved one’s home.
  • Baked goods made from scratch or from a favorite bakery are big crowd-pleasers. 
  • Tumblers and infusion water bottles will keep recipients healthy and happy!
  • Gift cards are always a sure bet. Food delivery, coffee shops, ecommerce retailers, and prepaid debit cards are all good options for this type of gift.

World Gratitude Day Ideas for Home

Check out the suggestions below for meaningful ways to celebrate World Gratitude Day with your loved ones.

Gratitude Challenges

We can find find gratitude in so many ways, such as through faith and prayer and even by choice. If you need a little bit of help, there are tons of gratitude projects out there that make it easy to partake in World Gratitude Day, such as the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge.  For this challenge, cut up 30 slips of paper then, for each day, write one thing that you’re grateful for on a slip and put it in a jar or box. If you’ve got kids, get them involved too! Help them think of things they appreciate and let them decorate and label your jar or box.

After the 30 days have passed, dump out slips of paper and read them out loud. This gratitude challenge is a wonderful way to relive and appreciate all of those moments again. 

Don’t want to deal with all those pieces of paper? Jot down what you’re grateful for in one place, such as a 100 Days of Gratitude Journal, for a slightly more organized way to record your thoughts and feelings.

Give Back

Being grateful for what you have often makes you realize that others might not be as fortunate as you. With this in mind, consider making a financial donation to a local nonprofit or charity that supports those who might be struggling. 

Don’t have deep pockets? Donate your time instead. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, addiction center, or food bank to help make a difference in your community.

Thank a Stranger

Grocery baggers, baristas, and gas station attendants. These are all examples of people who help you in some way but that you might not know very well. Why not let them know that you value their assistance with a small token of appreciation? 

A $5 gift card with a note of thanks is a meaningful gift, or – for grocery store and gas station employees – ask them what their favorite candy is and buy it for them on the spot! No matter what the gift is, the recipient will be so surprised and appreciative of your random act of kindness. 

World Gratitude Day Ideas for Work

Check out these suggestions for thoughtful ways to celebrate World Gratitude Day with your employees.

Peer Recognition

In the work world, gratitude doesn’t always need to come from the top. In fact, there are several benefits to peer recognition, including greater job satisfaction, reduced employee turnover, and more. 

To celebrate World Gratitude Day, encourage employees to recognize a coworker that has helped them recently or gone above and beyond. The gratitude-giver can write a quick note or email to express their thanks and should be specific about what exactly the recipient did to deserve recognition.

Day of Service

Plan a day or an afternoon where employees can volunteer together at a local charity. If your company works remotely, let them volunteer at a nonprofit of their choice and encourage everyone to share their thoughts about their experience afterwards. 

Whether you volunteer together or separately, it’s sure to be an enriching experience for all involved and a great way to celebrate World Gratitude Day. 

Appreciation Party

Celebrate your employees with a fun get-together during work hours complete with yummy food and dessert. Want to make it extra special? Hire a few food trucks for the occasion and live entertainment.

Be sure to take a moment at the beginning of the party to let employees know how much they’re valued and appreciated. Employees will enjoy the time hanging out with colleagues, enjoying delicious food, and hearing about how valued they are! 

Ultimately, World Gratitude Day is an opportunity to take stock of all the good in your life and show your appreciation. Regardless if you celebrate at work or home, it’s a wonderful way to recognize the power gratitude has for individuals and beyond.