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How to Choose the Perfect Milestone Birthday Gift

Milestones give us an opportunity to celebrate the people we care about — their love and friendship, their accomplishments, and their growth. While we try to be grateful for every day, those special milestone moments enable us to create long-lasting memories that carry us through to the next milestone.

How to Choose the Perfect Milestone Birthday Gift

Unforgettable Milestone Birthday Gift Ideas

Milestone birthdays often coincide with significant moments in our lives. Our “Sweet 16”, for example, is a moment of freedom and independence associated with getting a driver’s license. As we get older, a 30th birthday, or even a 75th birthday, are moments to reflect on a decade or quarter-century of life and meaningful relationships.

We’re firm believers that milestone birthdays are about making memories. Looking back, we seldom remember the gifts we received on any particular occasion, but the special events and experiences that we share with the people that we care about leave an indelible mark. That’s why the best gifts are those that come with an unforgettable experience.

We spoke with Blue Nile to share our best gift ideas for someone special in your life who is celebrating a milestone birthday.

25th Birthday Ideas

2 young women exploring the city.

They’re turning 25! They’re done with school, including post-secondary education. They’re adults now. They’re working full-time in their chosen career path and have a steady income. They’re more independent of family than ever. They may even be in a serious relationship - could this be “the one?” For many, our mid-twenties are the time of our lives, so celebrating this “quarter-century” milestone birthday should be epic.

The 25th Birthday Gift Experience

Create a list of 25 fun and exciting things for them to see and do in and around their city. Anything goes, but try to choose things you know they’ll enjoy. (You may even enlist friends and family to help make the list!). On their birthday weekend, all of the contributors join in to do the things that they recommended until all 25 are completed.

To remember it forever, create a group video with short video clips at each of the 25 experiences.

40th Birthday Ideas

outdoor dinner party with chef

They’re turning 40! They’re at perhaps one of the busiest and most demanding times of their lives. Between career, children, parents, and maintaining things on the home front, they have little to no time for themselves. This is the perfect age to pamper them and make them feel as amazing as you see them.

The 40th Birthday Gift Experience

Treat your partner to a gourmet dinner party (and if you can keep it a surprise, that’s even better). Services like www.miummium.com or www.takeachef.ca let you book a personal chef for one night only. The chef works with you to prepare the menu and accommodate any dietary restrictions. They arrive at your home, prepare the meal, and clean up everything before they leave. You get the experience of having an incredible gourmet meal prepared in your own home and served for your partner and their nearest and dearest, without any of the shopping, the mess, or the dirty dishes!

For a virtual keepsake, have your guests create video clips throughout the evening — seeing the chef at work, the first bite of dessert, etc. and create a group video.

65th Birthday Ideas

They’re turning 65! For many, this is considered the most significant milestone: retirement age! When they reach it, they’ll have more time to enjoy the finer things in life. Plus, there’s freedom in their schedule to spend time with friends and family, to travel, to pursue those hobbies or past-times that they’ve been putting off.

The 65th Birthday Gift Experience

Since travel is restricted right now, we’re recommending bringing an International experience right to their door. We have several wine clubs to choose from in Canada, such as Hemisphere Wine Guild and The Wine Collective that offer access to exclusive wines from all over the world. Some selections are curated by one of Canada’s 10 “Masters of Wine” and they are not available at the liquor store.

For lasting memories the birthday celebrant can create a video wine journal, recording their impressions of each wine they try (and the memory of the people they shared that bottle with) and play the group video at the end of the year.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

The old adage is true—regardless of what gift you choose to give, it’s the intention behind the gesture that counts. When you bring this special person and their milestone to mind, think about what would be really meaningful for them, then whatever you choose is bound to be absolutely perfect.

Including a group video with their Birthday Experience is easy and inexpensive and the smiles, hugs, and tears of joy that you will receive in return are priceless! Our unique suggestion? We really love the idea of capturing their reaction! Capture a video when they receive their gifts, or have them record a video clip to express their thanks and add it to their group video before you send it out to the other contributors. Contributors and can watch their joyful reaction, and the grateful recipient can play it again to recapture the excitement of their milestone for months or years to come. Find out more about Memento here.