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6 Tips for the Perfect Video Message

So you’ve been asked to participate in a group video gift but have no idea what to say or where to start. Don’t fret! Check out our guide on how to create and record a memorable video message for any occasion.

6 Tips for the Perfect Video Message

Create the Perfect Video Message for Any Occasion

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to say to a friend or family member when they get married, retire, or celebrate a big birthday. 

Luckily, Memento’s video gift maker makes it easy to record thoughtful video messages to create personalized digital keepsakes and heartfelt video gifts for all of life’s important moments and milestones.

Let’s take a look at some tips and suggestions on how to create a meaningful video message the recipient will love no matter what the occasion!


Who is the video for? Take time to think about your relationship with the recipient, their personality and interests, and the occasion, then tailor your message based on these reflections. 

For example, is the birthday boy a big, sappy teddy bear? Find or create the perfect poem to share your well wishes. Is the retiree a jokester? Put together a playful roast complete with lighthearted jabs and funny stories. Is the high school grad a bit anxious about going away to college? Be sure to offer words of encouragement along with your congratulations. 

You Do You

While it’s important to consider the recipient when making a video, don’t forget to incorporate your own unique self and personality into your message. 

Are you a great storyteller with an incredible memory? Share a favorite story of the recipient filled with details they’ve probably forgotten about. Do you have a beautiful voice? Use it! Sing the recipient’s favorite song or make up your own song based on the occasion. 


Chances are someone else has already created the type of video you’d like to make. Take a look at some of our favorites:

Location & Background

Set the stage for your video message by recording in a special place or decorating your background to fit the occasion. If you’re able, choose a location that will wow the recipient or one that will bring back warm memories. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

  • The first place you met the recipient
  • Your old stomping grounds (a playground, school, football field)
  • A picturesque scene (a gorgeous garden or beautiful sunset)
  • Unique spots (interesting architecture, a historic landmark, or outdoor mural)

If you record your video message from home, set up a fun backdrop to match the occasion.  Streamers, balloons, and handmade signs are perfect for birthday, graduation, and retirement videos. Making a “Happy Holidays” video? Get out those winter decorations and wear your ugliest Christmas sweater! 

Last but not least, once you decorate your background, be sure to keep your eye out for distractions and noises that might compromise the quality of your video message (read: no dogs barking, TVs playing, or kids crying!). 


Natural light is always best for videos. If you record from home, it’s important that you don’t sit with your back to a window because people will only see your silhouette. Instead, sit in front of a window or have one lamp directly in front of your face (not overhead!). 

Outdoor videos should not be in direct sunlight or you’ll end up squinting at the camera. A little bit of shade or a slightly overcast day are perfect for outdoor shots.

Practice (or Wing it!) 

Many people find it helpful to write out what they want to say before they record, while others who do well on the fly just let the words come out!

Either way you choose to prepare, Memento lets you redo video messages so you don’t have to worry about getting it right on the first take, making it easy to practice and perfect your video message. 

No matter what you choose to say in your group video gift, know that the recipient will appreciate your thoughtful message and the time, love, and effort you put into making it!